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Without a Trace

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Week One

Who am I?

Heyyyy, I'm Tracy! I'm very into numbers and sales which is why I chose to become a Marketing major. Although it's not something I always do, occasionally I enjoy writing, especially if it allows me vent about the madness going on in my life. I just transferred from SPC and you could defintely say it'sdifferent so I'm just getting used to where everything is and how things work around here. I HATE hot weather,so Florida isn't exactly my favorite place in the world. I love cities and having a fast paced lifestyle, somethingI was used to before I moved. I'm looking forward to moving to a place with different seasons in the upcoming years.Music is something I cannot live without. No matter what kind of mood I'm in there's always a song that fits my mood. My IPod is my best friend when I'm bored at work or I need something to put me to sleep. I'm into most types of music, but mostly into R&B.. it's relaxing.


Sick Dance


My Gaming Experience

Video games frustrate me! I tend to like the older games such as Super Mario Brothers and Tetris. I also like to play games that are based on television shows, one of my favorites being Wheel of Fortune! It gets pretty intense when I'm in the zone, because I'm hot tempered and for some reason I always seem to end up on BANKRUPT! I play every night before I sleep (I don't sleep unless I win). -Sore loser-.

Play Wheel of Fortune Online!



My Link Pile


Bogost: Chapter One


What are these words all about? I found myself confused just a few times. I like how he was creative in his writing and turned school into a game. One example was tenure which became a game, making the teacher the player. As he continues in the first couple pages I stayed interested and I really like how he turned someone’s teaching experience into some sort of video game. Bogost seems like he likes to give people a new way to look at life.  When the author describes the word procedure he does it with such detailed descriptions and examples of different phrases there is no way one could be confused on the definition of the word. Procedurality however got a little bit out of control, one reason being because I didn’t even know (and still don’t know) if that is a legit word. That part of the chapter seemed to drag. There was a lot of rhetoric, visual, digital, procedural. All got kind of confusing at certain points, but that is what the chapter was about so I cannot blame him.





Week Two

McDonald's Game

The McDonald's game was confusing and really hard to beat! I always went bankrupt which was very frustating and annoying! It seems this game wants you to do bad things in order to win and that's what I find funny. Who knows who created this game, but I think it might have been the company itself to get people talking. Why not? I have not eaten McDonald's for a really long time and I try to stay away from fast food altogether. Everytime I eat the food I feel GROSS! I guess I can't handle all that grease like I used to when I was younger. I used to love indulging in french fries, but thosedays had to come to an end not only because I felt BLAH, but because I could feel the pounds creeping! The closest I'll ever get to McDonald's again is by playing this game. None of that for me!

McDonald's and Weed? .. CLICK.


Mixmaster Blog on Branding

Branding: kind, grade, or make, as indicated by a stamp, trademark, or the like. Let’s ask ourselves: What is the point of branding a name or logo on something? Many companies are known to have their name everywhere on their products and clothing is no different. Most of us have seen tank tops or t shirts with “BEBE” written across in rhinestones or colored text, even quicksilver stamped on shorts. This is everywhere and most cannot stay away. Why do we buy these things and turn ourselves into walking advertisements for these companies? I am guilty of falling into that little trap! Although I do not purchase shirts with a brand name printed across the chest, I can’t help but love designer bags, jeans, and shoes, even though their logos and names are everywhere; for example true religion jeans have a horseshoe stitch on the back pocket of their jeans. Without these logos, most companies wouldn’t be anything. There are even people out there who spend money on fake bags and jeans hoping to pass them off as the real deal. Make you wonder why they don’t just buy something that isn’t name brand, but made by a legit company. The way these companies work intrigues me because I am majoring in marketing. I do believe that a lot of things would not be as popular if they weren’t from certain makers, or even advertised by certain celebrities. This is how society is and we are too far deep to change.



McCloud: Chapter One

I've never been into comic books. It's not because I've never been around them, but it's they're not something I've ever felt compelled to read. When I was old enough to understand comics there were movies being made based on them so I didn't really see a point to reading the comic when I could just watch the movie. Of course. I think it's pretty cool that there are comics out there designed to teach literature such as the McCloud book. In the beginning he tries to tell us about comics and their history and I was surprised that I didn't get bored while reading it. The reading is easy and actually keeps me interested, unlike a lot of other books required for school.





Week Three

Peer review

Reviewed papers and gave feedback to peers in class.


Comments on Definitional Arguments



Week Four

Games and Marketing

One of the top seasons for games and marketing is the The Super Bowl.The commercials are part of the game experience and many people look forward to seeing what the advertisers come up with. These advertisements are the best of the best, at times they can be controversial.


Unit One


Peer Grading




Week Five

Class Cancelled




Week Six

Bogost: Chapter Two


Soooo.. when I first started this I couldn’t figure out what hurricane Katrina and September 11, 2001 had to do with anything. The first few pages just talk about the government and paint them in a negative light, which made me wonder what was to come. As I continued to read I got more of a history lesson. Britain’s problem with the Irish potato famine in the 1800s did not cause their government to take any drastic action, instead they showed “clear disregard for the victims of the famine.” I went on to read more of the chapter, but I was still unclear about the point of it. What does politics have to do with persuasive games and writing? It wasn’t until I got to the War and Peace section where it started to become clear. Bogost turned war into a game and the people of the army into players. After that, it was downhill for me. 




Week Seven

What's the deal with this week.. ? [peers has assigned time slots]





Week Eight

McCould: Chapter Two

I really liked this chapter in McCloud. It was interesting to see how much could be written about seeing different things as symbols for other things. Many of the things I read in the chapter, such as the lights of a car resembling a face, are things that I have seen and thought of myself. I really thing that McCloud has a unique way of writing and teaching his audience about different topics. The way different people perceive different things has always intrigued me. The simple dots and line in a circle define a smiley face and it is so true because we can never see them as just another shape with 2 dotted lines it will always be a face. Those are really things that get minds working, it's weird! This was defintely my favorite chapter from the book.


McCloud: Chapter Three

McCloud really chose a different way to explain the meaning of closure and how different situations define closure. Unlike the dictionary definition "a bringing to an end; conclusion" and "the act of closing; the state of being closed." www.dictionary.com McCloud takes a different approach by using examples that are familiar to everyone, such as the game "peek a boo". Even a simple drawing of a quarter helps get the point across of completing something. When reading this book I see a different side to everything and that is a great way to help people learn because it teaches them thing outside the box.

Week Nine

Rough Draft Peer Reviews

Week Ten

Midterm Reflection

Week Eleven

Spring Break=)

Unit Two

Final Project Proposal

Week Twelve

McCloud Chapter Seven

Everyone has their own opinion of what art it. Sometimes we see people who have a finger paintings in their house that their 3 year old made in day care and we can't help but think it's not art. For the parent however, it is beautiful and considered art. Comics are defintely art. They are detailed pictures that the artist clearly spent plenty of time on. Whether the picture is "beautiful" or "awesome" is questionable, but I do not think one can question the fact of comics being art. This chapter was pretty boring sorry McCloud! 

Week Thirteen

[peers have assigned time slots]

Week Fourteen

Final Peer Reviews

Week Fifteen

Freesound Assignment

Week Sixteen

Final Project

For our final project, Nancy and I created an online magazine that deals with female celebrities and the media. We wrote on different topics and tried to make the magazine look professional and appealing to our readers. We tried the link on school computers and it works perfectly, but for some reason we cannot see the table of contents link on our home computers. Hopefully it will work for you! Enjoy =)

FLASH Magazine

I will add a slide show of each page of the magazine incase those of you at home cannot see the website!




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