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Stealth Lab

Page history last edited by earl babista 12 years, 10 months ago

I decided to do a quick review on mynameisEarl's site.


His topic concerning Gaming and his son is rather interesting. The main things that caught my eye were the reason as to why his son wants to play the adult games. Is it to be part of the crowd or is there something more? A question that many have written on concerning what influences do these games have on the young. I also enjoy his talk about the limitations that can be placed on a child. By harking back to his younger days, he seems to understand what might be going through the minds of the kids playing these games without their parents consent.


I think that he and Aldijana might be able to expand or connect on this topic. They both talk about what the influence of violence, fantasy, and etc could be in children. Aldijana - Bang Your Dead Section


Great connection. Jesse Nevel (ENC 4260/6421) loaned me a copy of [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bender's_Game Bender's Game], which I watched last night. Bender's bout with the "fiction is not false" approach to D&D is ripe for analysis.



Ignorance is bliss, but what is bliss - David's comments on D.K.s response to McDs: ignorance is bliss




Nate's "Marvel or DC?" question intrigued me. After reading chapter 1 of McCloud's "Understanding Comics", I was wondering "what is the difference between Marvel and DC? And is one really better than the other?" Maybe after reading more into the book I'll be able to answer that question.-Earl

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