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Panic Room

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Hey everybody, Michele here. I made this page because I know that I for one am a bit fuzzy on the Final Project scope. This page is for brainstorming, questions, frustrations, and ideas. If you've already got your idea, post it for those of us who need a little inspiration. Go crazy. PLEASE.




Idea #1, by Michele, build a website about interactivity


ShareRiff: this is great idea



Question #1, by Michele, are we allowed to build websites?


ShareRiff: yes


Question #2, by Nathan, Do we relate our portfolio back to our causal and definitional arguments?


ShareRiff: the portfolio is like a greatest hits, or an itunes playlist of your finest rhetorical moves. So, yes, the the portfolio can and will refer to blogs, responses to and analyses of peer blogs, unit assignments, etc


Question #3, by Nathan, What direction should we being going in?


ShareRiff: Up!


Question #4, by Tracy, Can we work with our group member that we have been working with on this proposal??

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