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Nathan's Reviews

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Nathan's Reviews



I feel the same as Aldijana with the whole grading aspect, but here is what I thought.




Earl,Your paper really educated me. I am not a big Wii fan but your paper swayed me I think I am going to be looking into it more. You really made your audience clear and I feel you reached out to everyone. The topic is very clearly defined and supported. I learned a lot from your paper. The paper was very easy to read and the topic was well communicated. The topic is clearly defined and supported. The transitions keep the paper flowing and keeps your attention. It may have a a few minor errors but nothing that would take away from the paper. This paper really made me look at Wii in a different way. You did a great job! Grade: A



Michele, I really liked your paper. I think it had aspects of both the A and B paper as Earl did. The only problem I had was that I couldn't really see who your audience was. It did change my mind on the world of video games. I can't believe a woman almost ruined her family because of Second Life, that is crazy. Your paper was communicated very well and you got your point across as well. I think the conclusion could have been a little stronger. Some of the transitions were a little hard to follow, and weren't as direct as I thought they could have been. All in all the paper was put together well and organized. I think you did a good job. Grade: B+




Lydia, I thought your piece was very well written. I think I was a perfect audience for your piece because I feel the same as you do. I love vinyl the sounds are just so much more crisp and clear. Your audience was clear I felt like you were reaching out to not only people who liked vinyl but also everyone who listened to digital media. The organization of the paper was very nicely done. The transitions were really easy to follow, direct, and really kept your attention. The artistic appeals of ethos, logos, and pathos are very evident in this piece. The papragraphs and the paper are very well developed. Your paper was very informative and well written. I think that you did a great job! I hope that digital media doesn't take over too soon as well. Grade: A

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