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Nancy Assia's Peer Review on Definitional Arguments

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 Peer Review on Definitional Arguements


1. Earl: I really enjoyed this because I never liked video games very much. I really would like to try the Wii now. I believe this is also good physical activity. You are not just sitting there punching at a controller. You are actually swinging your arms around and moving your entire body to win a game. I also liked when you wrote, "The Wii has many games that improve cognition. Playing Wii Tennis promotes attention, memory, and planning/evaluative thinking". I never thought that a game system could be beneficial to advance ones self.


2. Aldijana: I agree with you on how parents should be aware of what their children are doing on the intenet. Also that the internet is very beneficial to us as a society. We can do everything we need on the internet and if we didn't have it, things would be very different. Because the internet is very benefical to us, it doesn't mean that there aren't big risks we take by logging on on a daily basis and sharing personal information to everyone on the web... especially for children.


3. Nathan: Your paper is very interesting. I was never into comics but I was into a few of the movies that were inspired by the comics. I had no idea that there were two different companies that were in competition with writing comics.

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