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N8's world of mystery

Page history last edited by N8 12 years, 9 months ago

Welcome to my Wiki Experience


Welcome, everyone, to my Wiki experience. Through out this page you will be able to follow links that take you throughout my journey over these past 16 weeks. Follow all the links and I hope you enjoy!!







How I started gaming......


I entered into the wonderful world of gaming at a very young age (I have an older brother.) My first memories of gaming are those of atari and king kong. I have played pretty much every system there is. I love the original nintendo, I wish I still had one. MY favortie game on that sytem was T&C Surf designs. I then moved up to Super Nintendo and Sega. I was a video game freak from when I was little. My favorite system by far is Playstation. I currently have a Playstation 3 and I play it as much as I can. My favortie game is anything Guitar Hero. The screenshot from above is from Guitar Hero World Tour where you can play the drums, guitar and sing if you like. I think it is one of the funnest games out there. Now don't get me wrong I am all for the first person shooter and everything too but the Guitar Hero franchise has sucked me in and caught all of my attention. I used to like the Resident Evil games as well. There is nothing like a game that you can play and scare the crap out of you. Plus it is always awesome blowing zombies heads off. Games don't have to have levels to be fun. Guitar Hero doesn't have levels, it is a continous play of songs. You worked your way through songs and battle bosses and receive money. It is like you have your own band. You have gigs and earn money and if you suck you get booed off stage. It is a rish when you get through songs and it is very addicted. This is just a little preview into my world of gaming I'll be back soon to fill you guys in a little more and also do the assignments needed.






A Little Preview into my life......


Here is a little bit about me... I was born in Mass. I have lived in Florida since '94. I think I can call my self a floridian. I just got married this past July to the Love of my life,my high school sweetheart, Tyne. She is my rock and the glue that holds me together. She graduated from Purdue University last year with her Bachelors in Psychology. She is currently a grad student at USF Tampa. She is pursuing her Masters in Counseling. She is amazing. I also have a little chihuahua,Zoe. She is a little terror but she is fun and a love playing with her. I am a junior at USF St. Pete. I am an Accounting Major, and I am going for my Techincal/Professional Writing Minor. I work as a server at T.G.I. Friday's in Clearwater. (I am sure I will vent about that at some point in time)I love art and everything related to it. I like to read also. I also love tattoos. I have 7 tattoos currently, I am addicted to ink. I have a piece on my leg that is in the works and will hopefully be done some time soon. My hopes are to move to North Carolina after my wife and I graduate. I can't wait to have kids and start my family. That's just a little snap shot of me. I will let you know a little more later on.




Creative Commons...


I chose the Creative Commons license with share-alike. I feel this is the best decision because not only I am sharing my work but everyone in this class is sharing their work. It is only fair to choose this license because we read and collaborate on eachother pages. Something I may find on David or Earl's pages I might find realte to me and I want to tag it. Maybe I might want to elaborate on something that one of them said, and make it my own. This license , I feel, gives everyone the chance to read, critique, and change others works to suit their needs or the way they feel. Like Dr. Conner said, we can expand our writing though eachohers writing. I relly feel that this is going to help us all become better writers and want to write better. This license is a way for us to protect our writing but also to share and improve our writing.


How I feel about writing...


Writing for me personally has always been a challenge. The main reason is because I have a tendency to procrastinate until the last minute. That doesn't always end well and sometimes I don't give myself enough time to finish. This semester and from here on out I have vowed to do better and to do away with the procrastination. I am not very good a writing formally, I mean I have passed all of my writing classes with good grades but I feel like I can always do better. I think of my writing as an artist would his/her artwork: it can always be better, there is always something to change or fix. I don't know how I feel about it but I know that I have always not been a fan of writing and I am hoping that this class helps me to turn that around. I feel like their is potential in my work but I need that extra edge to give me that boost. I feel like this class is the edge that I need. I hope that once we get into this and really start writing good and hard that with everyones collaboration we can all create our own masterpieces. I think that this is the best way to really better yourself as a writer.


Language is a virus it should mutate...


I think Dr. Conner made a really good point when he said, "language is a virus and it should mutate." I think that that statement is very true. Our language mutates everyday. Our text messages show it with the lol, lmao, ttyl, and brb (just to name a few). We also have a little thing called ebonics. I think that is crazy I heard that it was being taught as an elective in some colleges in California. Is Snoop Dogg teaching it? That is crazy. I think our language should mutate and change over time. I mean, look at our ancestors they didn't talk like us. If they were around today they would be like what the hell are these people saying. We would be talking completely different languages. As the world changes technology changes and language has to change as well to fit society. Without language where would we be? Without modern day text where would we be? Literature has come a long way. One of my favorite authors is Shakespeare. The first time I read Othello (my favorite Shakespeare play) I had to have a dictionary and a thesaurus with me to look up the words I didn't know. Imagine what it will be like 400 years from now people then will probably be doing the same thing with a book like The Da Vinci Code. I think that in this class we are going to morph and change language on a daily basis. This class was the first time I ever heard the word infoquake and I was like wow what does that mean? I mean it is all about making you think and I think that this is one of the best ways of going about doing that.


Marvel or DC?...



Now I know for the comic book readers this is going to start a world of shit. I am a comic book reader myself. I just don't understand what the big beef is between Marvel an DC. They both have awesome characters and good storylines. I am not an avid reader so I may sound like an idiot.I wouldn't mind some insight on this topic I would actually appreciate it to better my knowlegde. I love comics but how can people be so divided? I mean Batman is awesome, but then so is Spiderman, and the Flash, I know there are many many others but I am drawing a blank right now. I would like a little feedback though on the real beef between Marvel and DC because like I said i like them both and don't see why people are so avid about choosing sides.


Zeitgeist anyone?


Throughout discussion in class Dr. Conner brought up the word zeitgeist. I don't know if anyone has heard of it but I thought that it was interesting. It will give you a whole new outlook on the economy and the way things are ran here. Take a look and let me know what you think



Definitional Rough Draft Paper


Here is my rough draft paper for those who didn't find it on the main page I am definitely open for all feedback.


Definitional Final Draft


This Paper takes you through the world of comics and the battle between DC and Marvel

Here is my Final Paper I am looking forward to some feedback. Please let me know what you think.


Causal Argument Rough Draft Paper

The start to my new Causal Argument Rough Draft. Take a look.



Causal Argument Final Paper


This Paper continues on the battle between Marvel and DC but shows you the marketing side of the battle

The Final Draft of my Causal Argument Final . Let me know what you think.




Chapter 1


Chapter One gave me a new look on comics and made me think a little more about where they originated from. Did they really come from the Egyptians or even before them? I think that they are an awesome form of art. I like how McCloud defined them as "sequential art." I also like how he points out that "keeping up with all the advances in today's comics is a full-time job." This just shows you that like any other form of art or reading it evolves over time and keeping up with all the changes can sometimes be challenging.


Chapter 2


Chapter Two really opened my eyes a little more into getting deeper into the real meanings behind comics. I like how he broke down the picture of a face to just two dots and two lines. He made a good point when he said that we relate to the comic and we become the comic. I think that when watching cartoons or reading comics that seems to be true. I can remeber being a kid and reading comics or watching cartoons and thinking that I can do what they are doing. I also like how when he is talking about inanimate objects like the car, and how we say "someone hit me," rather than "his car hit my car." It does make you think, Does our mind really simplify everything? It does make sense, it is much easier to comprehend and relate to something simple than it is to relate to something that is complex. Our minds like simple and easy that is why we like tv because it is very simple to find yourself laying on the couch sucked into some reality tv show or some reruns of FRIENDS. Comics are simple in a way too, like he said we relate to the characters in them. We want to become them, we see ourselves as those characters. I remember being a kid and thinking I could save Gotham City like Batman. I think that comics are a way for us to live out a fantasy vicariously through the super heroes within the comics. McCloud makes some really good points in this chapter, like how "our constant awareness of self flow outward to include the object of our extended identity." Like how talking on the phone or using silverware to eat all extend our identity of self with an object. The pictoral vocabulary triangle caught my eye as well. It was very different to see comics, art, and writing all portrayed in their simpliest forms. When they are all combined they can be something amazing. When he added all the characters into the triangle it really opened my mind to a new perspective on how the traingle actually works. McCloud does a really good job of explaining himself. I feel like I have learned a lot so far and I am very intrigued to see what is next.



Chapter 3



This book just keeps getting better and better. Chapter Three opened my eyes even more into the world of comics. "The gutter," I feel is in all writings not just comics. For example, at the end of a chapter or even a paragraph in a novel the gutter is in place. You get left hanging at the end of a book as well and that leaves it up to your imagination to determine the true ending. Therefore, novels can end in a different way every time. It was also interesting to see the make up of comics and how most of them are action to action, scene to scene, and subject to subject. The way the Japanese comics are done really catches my eye too. I also like how he takes a story that is 52 panels and condenses it down to 2 and they both have the same meaning. This really shows you how comics are done. I like the fact that he shows you that comics make you think. Like how he says,"I may have drawn an axe being raised in this example, but I'm not the one who let it drop or decided how hard the blow, or who screamed, or why." This really shows that the reader makes the transitions between panels. I mean everyone has their own take on what happens between panels. I think this is one of the reasons why people get so hooked into comics because they kind of tell the story by themselves along with the comic book artist. Closure is another topic he talks about in this chapter and he kind of put a different spin on it which I like. I never thought about it the way that he does. I like how he talks about how the written word is a silent contract between the creator and audience. I feel that the "less is more" concept is very true in comics because this is what really kicks your imagination into gear and makes you piece the panels together in your own way.




First Person


Cyberdrama: Janet Murray


Murray's piece made me think of all the games that I do play and how many of them are really story based. I think that all games have some sort of story in one way or another. I remember playing the original Mario Brothers games, and those are story based. I like how she relates Scrabble to story games because she says puzzle games are story games also. This reminds me of Tetris even though it is a puzzle there is somewhat of a story in place because you have to break so many lines before you can go onto the next level. Story games like the Sims have been so popular because you are in control. I like the games where there are different decisions you make and for those decisions the games take a different course. Being in control in these games is what gives us the thrill. One of my favorite games is Resident Evil. This is a story based game and I like being in control. Though the creators of the game may have a certain way it is going to end you like to think that you created that ending on your own. When you do finally complete a story based game it gives you a real feel of accomplishment. I think it is safe to say that everyone at some point in their lives has played a story based game.


Gif Fun


Pictures coming soon


Peace at all cost


Dr. Conner said this in class and it made me think. Peace at all cost what does that really mean? I think it could have a few different meanings. I think that it could mean peace no matter what the outcome. That peace is the most important thing and do what it takes to get to that outcome. Does it mean people have to die? I don't think so. I think that peace can be received without violence. Some wars have been neccessary and people have died and I feel that this is inevitable but it doesnt have to be that way. I mean if we didnt have the American Revolution where would we be now? If we didn't have the Civil War would there still be slavery, and would the north and south still be segregated? Peace at all cost does that mean that we are willing to pay whatever it takes to come to peace? I don't know I really think that this is a very loaded statement and I lke the fact that it makes you think. It makes you wonder what does it really mean?


Midterm Reflection


Midterm Reflection


Final Project


This is my Final Project in in which I created a Comic Book and wrote a paper as well.


Open Jam


Nathan's Final Project


Peer Reviews


Nathan's Reviews


Nathan's Unit Two Reviews 


Nathan's Causal Final Reviews


Nathan's Final Reviews



Link Pile


Back to the Beginning


Back to my Convergent/Emergence Page


Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.


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