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Maria - lingua franca

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Maria - lingua franca

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My Philosophy Statement on Education


I have always regarded education as being the key to success in life. When I say success I am not speaking only of financial success, but of personal success as well. It is through education that an individual becomes exposed to new, varied, and technologically changing ideas. When you are enrolled in courses you are exposed to so many new people, curriculum, and pedagogies. Education gives people the resources to be open to new things. An educated individual is not one who is just knowledgeable within the context of their discipline, but one who is constantly striving to learn more and to be continually open to new ideas, technologies, and even people who may differ from their own conceptions of right and wrong.

As an educator, I strive to instill a love of learning in my students. I try to educate them in the reality that persistence, discipline, and organization are as important, if not more important, to a college student than mere intellectual capacity. Through my courses and my teaching I want students to engage in relevant writing tasks which will serve them well in their respective career fields when they leave the world of academia. I like to include the progressive and ever advancing knowledge of wiki’s and other open source computer knowledge in my courses to give my students an “edge” on what is transpiring in the job market. Students need to have their concerns heard. They need an empathetic, disciplined, knowledgeable instructor who can guide them to become the best they can be at this particular point in their life.

I enjoy teaching. It fulfills me. I am an extremely positive and energetic teacher. Students need to feel inspired. I always do my utmost to inspire my students.

Unfortunately, today the college professor is faced with a growing number of entering students who have not had success in school in the past. They are coming into higher education with very few or no positive educational experiences. These students require time, effort, and patience on the part of the professor to learn that they too can do well and even excel in education.

At the heart of my philosophy of education is the belief that all students have the capacity to do well in college. Through exposure to inspiring teaching methods, administered in a caring, open environment which I provide, students will succeed. Obviously success is a “two way street.” Students must do their part to be engaged in the learning process. We as educators cannot physically open up the minds of our students and pour the learning in; although I’m sure at times we wish we could. However, through an environment of mutual respect, innovative strategies, and openness I am confident that my students will achieve greatness in their own rite.

  Positive Growth

Contact: Patricia Fried

EIN#: 59-2308721


Telephone: 727-894-311

Fax: 727-822-1591

Mt. Zion Community Center

925 20th Street South

St. Petersburg, FL 33712


Proposed Project:

The Mt. Zion Community Center's mission statement states; "Mt. Zion Human Resource Center's mission is to strengthen individuals and families by providing social and economic services that emphasize a self sufficient, drug free, productive and nurturing family environment." The group will be comprised of members from the Community Center.


The children will be using an outside area comprised of 21 x21 feet in size on which to grow vegetables for the use of the Mt. Zion community. The age group included will range from 1st to 5th grade and will be comprised of 12-16 students. The project is being put into effect to foster an environment of empowerment and ownership for the children who are part of the Positive Growth Club. Through their participation in this club, the children will develop gardening skills, knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating, and organic fertilization methods.


In 2 sentences, what one or two things do you hope to accomplish?

Positive Growth hopes to educate children about their impact on the environment, the importance of nature, agriculture, and sustainable eating. The club will also empower children by providing them with a greater sense of community.









children’s sized gloves






plant stakes with cards for plant names



organic pest control products and plants



weed tarp






stakes for tomato plants



border for partitioning growing areas



organic feral animal repellant




What will you do before, during, and after the project is completed to ensure that the youth involved have learned from the experience:

Before breaking ground on their own individual patch of earth the children will participate in a lesson plan covering soil preparation, seed planting, watering and sunlight needs. An overall lesson on native flora of Florida will be. As children begin to plant seeds they will engage in lessons covering weeding, pest control, composting, fertilization, disease prevention. Children's interest in the garden and their own individual plant will be nourished by daily visits to the garden. Journal entries will be made to record the growth and changes in their plant, along with notes regarding what methods are working with their plant; i.e.; how much water is too much, and measurements depicting their plant's growth in comparison to like plants in the garden. They will also track the seasonal changes, growth, and progressions of each plant. Continuing education will take place regarding harvesting, seasonal responsibilities, replanting, and plant rotation. After harvesting the children will learn about the benefits of organically grown food; a tangible, realistic experience involving food preparation at the Mt. Zion facility.


Children will also have the benefit of taking home their harvested fruits and vegetables home to their families. After their plant has been harvested the students will participate in lessons covering the nutritional value of their crops. These lessons will reinforce the student's growing knowledge of the importance of nutrition and eating healthy. The growth of the plants themselves is a concrete measurable growth of the students' learning experience.


One of the goals of this club is to give children ownership of their garden. Each child in the club will have their own one foot by one foot plot of land for planting a seasonal fruit or vegetable of their choosing. Giving students a feeling of ownership and responsibility will encourage active participation. Lesson plans have been designed to teach students different aspects of planting, growing, nurturing and harvesting plants. The children will be able to take home their harvested food and will learn how to cook healthy dishes in the center’s kitchen.


What other sources of funding do you have available to cover costs not funded by the Captain Planet Foundation?

American Tree Service will provide … We also have access to volunteers from the Mt. Zion community who can provide equipment to maintain the garden. We are reaching out to local organizations for funding and have expectations of receiving 'in kind' funds from various local businesses and Home Depot. City of St. Petersburg will provide free mulch.



Maria's Homepage






Open Source - Response



response to Ito's report



Open Source

Who am I

Maria - lingua franca



Chap 1 - What is Service Learning 



http://nebowebexpress.com/clients/CaptainPlanet/Application.htmlPositive Growth draft








open source response


The Gardening Grant






Chap 2 - What is Service Learning



Chap 3 - What is Service Learning







Obama and Open Source



3 Modules on Clear Writing Style



Mt Zion visit February 4







February 13, 2009


Academic Search Committee

Manatee Community College

5840 26th St. W. Bradenton, Fl. 34207


Dear Search Committee Members:

I received an email from the Academic Department Coordinator: Communications on the Clearwater campus of Saint Petersburg College informing me of your job listing for a full time faculty composition position. I was very excited to learn of the opening and would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, and my qualifications regarding this position.

I have been teaching in various capacities for the past twenty years. The first ten of which I spent working for the Pinellas County School System, primarily working with middle school students. For the next nine years I have been employed as an adjunct professor with Saint Petersburg College. For the majority of these years I have worked on the Clearwater campus teaching ESOL students of various levels and basic writing students. I also teach on the Seminole Campus and have taught SLS classes, which give students the necessary skills to do well in college. At the Seminole campus, I teach various writing and ESOL classes as well. While teaching at Saint Petersburg College I have taught numerous blended classes using ANGEL. In addition, to teaching at SPC, I also teach on-line for St. Leo University through the Distance Learning Program using WebCT. I have been doing this since 2005. At St. Leo I teach the applied linguistics courses which are required by future teachers in the state of Florida to receive their ELL endorsement. I also designed one of the courses at St. Leo; EDU340. Furthermore, I am a certified IELTS examiner associated with the ELL program at Eckerd College. Presently I am completing eighteen graduate hours in English to be credentialed to teach composition. I will have these hours completed by June of 2009. I have also applied for admission into the SLA/IT (Second Language Acquisition/Internet Technologies) doctoral program at USF.

As you can see, I have a varied and comprehensive background in the educational field. I also get along wonderfully with my administrators, colleagues, support staff, maintenance staff, and most importantly my students. My evaluations throughout the years have been very positive. I hold my students to the highest standards, as I hold myself to these standards as well.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to review my application and resume and hope soon to become a part of your innovative, growing, and nurturing staff. I look forward to your favorable reply.




Maria Escott


Enclosed: Resume">Cover Letter





Two Bits


PREP (Pinellas Refugee Education Program) & Midterm Reflection:


This may be a community partnership that you might  explore.  It is located at 7901 4th St. N. St. Pete. 33702

(727) 217-7635 Lois McKee is the Program Director her extension is 1005.  This is a facility that works with adult refugees aged from 17 through 90 something.  The program runs year round and is on the same schedule as PTEC, which it falls under.  It is closed for two weeks at Christmas and two weeks in the summer. There is also a Thanksgiving break (one week) and a spring break (one week).  The facility is located on the third floor of an office complex.  They help refugees with grammar, language, writing (to a lesser extent) and life skills. They have a classroom full of computers complete with a printer. Also, they have a large room in which they train the refugees to be CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants).  It is a very laid back atmosphere and the refugees have some trust issues.  Many are Jehovah Witnesses from Cuba. I was attracted to PREP because I was thinking of using the students there as a source of research for the SLA/IT doctoral program that I applied to.  I became interested in this through your class, Trey (technical writing), and having it client based as you do with Mt. Zion.  I would like to do some community based research using PREP to focus on cultural and language issues for the adult ESOL student. In addition PREP receives funding from grants, so I am very intent are doing some more grant writing in our class to hone my skills for future grant writing. This is my idea, and I guess it is also part of my midterm reflection, as this is where I see my efforts falling at this particular juncture in my life.  I am interested in doing research; however, I would like my research to be community or client based; not based on some pie in the sky theory, but on something tangible and relevant that can be used by the population I am striving to serve. This is my goal as it ties in to our technical writing class.

--> SSBC Grant



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