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Reminder: check the course calendar for our new timeline of deadlines


Midterm Reflection  unit assignment prompt


Peer Review Volume 2: Causal Composition


Link your drafts and peer reviews here:


-Nathan (Rough Draft) -very rough draft


2.Dylan K.


Sue  (review 2) I read your paper in class





Rough Draft Review

Graded Peer Review-

Michele, you definitely got a interesting paper on you hands. You provide me with some very colorful visuals in regards to interacting with our fellow gamer through online play. You provide clear examples of how online game play are advantageous and essential to today’s gamer. You touched on a point that I’ve always wondered. Why do people think it’s acceptable to drop racial slurs while playing online games? That’s a case study waiting to happen. Anyways, your paper had some B traits to it. I feel that some of the paragraphs needed to be cleaned up a little but overall you got an A. Good job.



4. Aldijana (in class review

5. Kristie Unit 2

6. Tracy's Reviews


1.Dylan K.




Jillian (same as world of warcraft link below?)

1.Michele's review here

2. Tracy's Reviews

3. Dylan A.




Rough Draft Review

Graded Review-

Great paper Paul. You definitely establish your stance and your thesis that TV violence leads to violent tendencies amongst our youth. You utilize all the artistic appeals throughout the paper especially when it comes to your statistical analysis (logos).  All your paragraphs transition to make the flow of the paper logical and clear. A paper.


2.Dylan K.

3. Nathan's Unit Two Reviews

Sue (review 2 ) under peer reviews


world of warcraft (As in Kevin's?)

1.Michele's review here

2. Dylan Adams

3. Kristie Unit 2




Rough Draft Review

Graded Review-

Great paper Aldijana. Your paper provides very clear informative information on how the internet can be used as a weapon against children and teens.  You provide a lot of facts about warning signs that are backed up by legitimate sources. You appeal to my pathos because being a older brother of a twelve year old and a father of a six year old, I feel a need to definitely monitor what they do around a computer because of the fear that you place within me when describing the sick predators that are looking to harm children. You got an A.





3.Michele's Review here

4. Tracy's Reviews


The Ripple Effect This is Lydia's Paper....

1.Michele's Review here

2. Nathan's Unit Two Reviews

3.Dylan A Peer Review unit 2

4. David


Jacob work in progress

1. Dylan Adams

2. Aldijana

3. Lydia


Dylan and David rough draft

1. Kristie Unit 2





1. Nathan's Unit Two Reviews

2. Aldijana

3. David


Causal Argument Dylan A

1. Paul

2. Lydia

3. David

Sue (review 2) under peer reviews


Kristie Causal Argument Rough Draft




Nancy and Tracy




(We didn't realize our paper wasn't posted in this section until now. So please review if you can. Thank you!)

Welcome Back to Prose Activation Station

Connect, cut, and reconnect words, sound, images, and ideas.

consult this Connexions module, populate your paragraphs with characters and actions


tab this tabla

and listen as you read and remember


a simple one-two: agent-based prose

Select any paragraph from the peer draft you are reading. As you read focus your attention on the voice of the language. Do you find active configurations? Or passive constructions? This week, when we review each others' drafts, we have to be free to critique and open to suggestions. Identifying shifts in voice--from active to passive, and back again--can help you begin a conversation about the effectiveness of a peer's writing. If you find a paragraph in a peer's draft that "just doesn't seem right," read it aloud. Does the voice seem to shift randomly from active to passive voice, or does the writer seem to use voice to shift emphasis and direct your attention in order to amplify a particular argumentative pattern or point?


Experience grammatical voice as a rhetorical choice. Ask and answer these two questions:


who's the agent? Place this main character in the subject position (the beginning of your sentence)

what is the primary action performed by the agent, or main character? Place this verb immediately following the character performing the action


Perform this algorithm on your most recently composed paragraph in your definition, or on a portion of your narrative, or peer narratives and blogs. Then, read the results aloud. Finally, shift your attention to the paragraph's specific purpose, imagine it in a larger argument or final project. Revise back into the passive voice when it helps emphasize your paragraph's overall rhetorical purpose.


Focus: transitions!


Now, look for transitions...will your readers see your sequence of ideas?


Crucial resources for rough draft workshop


Clarity from Joseph Williams and Gregory Columb's Style The Connexions module is based on this text.


Open Office and Neo Office - free open source software that replaces Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.


speed up open office tips from lifehacker.com


koffice also like Microsoft Word, but free


Craig Waddell's free prose mechanics this free grammar guide and style manual covers the basics


Elements of Style, a classic


3 modules on clear writing style at Rice's Connexions, a creative commons of learning modules, online texts, and courses.


nonlinear adding machine got writer's block? Chisel it up, go on a syntactical "derive," find your "un-voice" See also: Ractor, chatterbots, etc


Widget Library! this "scriptorium" shares (java) scripts for making our wiki sizzle. F'shizzle!


html color codes plug these #ers into css templates to customize your pages. Recall Kristie's points about the rhetorical force of light and color.


Radio Free ShareRiff - podcasted feedback for unit one from herr professor




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