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March 25th Posting Place for the Midnight Party

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Final Causal Portfolios




Earl's Graded Peer Review-

Michele, you definitely got a interesting paper on you hands. You provide me with some very colorful visuals in regards to interacting with our fellow gamer through online play. You provide clear examples of how online game play are advantageous and essential to today’s gamer. You touched on a point that I’ve always wondered. Why do people think it’s acceptable to drop racial slurs while playing online games? That’s a case study waiting to happen. Anyways, your paper had some B traits to it. I feel that some of the paragraphs needed to be cleaned up a little but overall you got an A. Good job





Graded Review-

Great paper Aldijana. Your paper provides very clear informative information on how the internet can be used as a weapon against children and teens.  You provide a lot of facts about warning signs that are backed up by legitimate sources. You appeal to my pathos because being a older brother of a twelve year old and a father of a six year old, I feel a need to definitely monitor what they do around a computer because of the fear that you place within me when describing the sick predators that are looking to harm children. You got an A.


 Dylan Adams  



Nancy and Tracy



Earl's Graded Review-

Great paper Paul. You definitely establish your stance and your thesis that TV violence leads to violent tendencies amongst our youth. You utilize all the artistic appeals throughout the paper especially when it comes to your statistical analysis (logos).  All your paragraphs transition to make the flow of the paper logical and clear. A paper.


Kristie Causal Argument Final Draft


The Ripple Effect by Lydia Beljan 

Causal Argument: Successful video games Click and scroll down.

WoW: the Virtual Drug from Kevin & Jillian

Final Project Proposals 










David and Dylan






Nancy and Tracy final proposal


Kristie Final Project Proposal 


Nathan's Final Project Proposal


Lydia's Final Project 


Proposal for Jillian & Kevin's final moments...


Panic Room - for those of us still brainstorming and confused about the final project

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