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Malamalama. Light of knowledge.




We must recognize childhood wonder and cultivate their imaginations.




Trim gray haired lady with a red shawl around her shoulders.




Failure is impossible.




Susan B Anthony wanted young women to be able to attend any college that a man could attend.








Remarkable Americans.




The difference between what they are and what I am has come about because I am able to learn in a highly civilized society.




Learn and play surrounded by laughter. Love. Appreciate life.


-------Main problem in ghetto, gangs and hood. No appreciation for life. How do we get them to appreciate? Education. School. Value. Notes of religion, if he or she does not already belong to an organized faith. Adjust energies to more positive matters. Get inside their heads through creativity. What do people like to do? Where do they shine from the inside out? Where are people most happy and in joyous bliss? Find that and follow it. Leads to eternal-earth happiness. For only when one is happy does he or she contribute in the most auspicious manner.




What classes have been offered to women throughout history...women class began with ______. In 1927, this class was added, and so on. Began with subjects: philosophy, natural science, ancient history, literature, languages? Spanning over the years until now we see doctors of disciplines and masters of our minds.




Now boys are not performing in school.




Talk to children about what to do when finished with school. Foster that passion. Teach all that can be taught. We will have masters sprouting like summertime flowers in Italy. Children need to skim


Here's what I do not understand. From first grade until high school graduation, we are instructed upon a select range of topics ranging from science and math to writing and history. We all learn the same math formulas and read to analyze the same books. Then, we get to college have the option of spending two more years starting over, with many majors marked "undecided." We relearn how to write a proper essay in MLA citation format and what lurks on the ocean floor. We have to choose a math, a science, some extras, all introductory courses, introducing to us to the likes of that major. We should choose our major before entering a university and spending excess funds on the same crap we brushed over in high school. Are they just taking our money? Another means of wiping us out? Is it only the children sent to expensive preparatory schools and then Ivy League schools who select their majors (career, life choice) before beginning college. Is it because they have more funding and options throughout childhood and adolescence that they are not left vagabonding through public institutions? How many private universities have a majority of freshman and sophmores left "undecided?"


An obvious comparison is "party schools" versus not. Are a majority of these "party" schools public universities? Where did students attend before entering, public or private school? Are private schools deemed to offer more advantageous curriculums?


We do the same in college as what happens all our lives with the separation of schooling, private versus public. Opportunity versus challenge after challenge after challenge commenced with lack. What a tough life.




All people meet trouble. All people face death. Sharing experiences forms companionship and friendship; by helping one another we comfort ourselves.




An abundance of money may permit travel and enjoyment, but an unsettled spirit will leave you lacking and useless.




Extinguish misery and suffering. Turn abhorrent human needing into serious human action.




Foreigners do not know how to live properly in a present city. As a melting pot, we should learn their language and they should learn ours.




See to it that your deed is done. Waiting and watching for the favorable outcome is not enough.




Do not succumb to bribery. Do not initiate one either. No matter how shiny the gold sparkles at the end of the rainbow.




Learn to live in peace and settle differences in honest discussion. Talk about peace.




Columbia University, New York. My grandmother graduated from Columbia. There is something about Columbia and Chicago. What is it?


Chicago . Illinois. Windy City. World Fair. Alyssa Panici. Chad named my city. Papa Larry. Marshall Fields. Saks lady said Thomas Kinkade painting with street night lights. Shopping. Nick Vespa. Chase. Kidorable. Convention/conference. Downtown. Phyllis. Temple for all religions and deaf, August, mormon, 27, 915 square feet, four rooms.


Bible Institute.




Boarding school. Seminary.




Achieve what you wish your neighbor would achieve.




Link the contrasting trouble versus good: examples of activities associated with each. Choose the obvious.




Thank you for your time.




Neither God nor man can make use of a disheartened person.








I just love people. All people. We are all the same.




Long, warm friendship.




I must keep some place where I can go to be myself. I cannot promise to endure at all times, even if my cage is attractive. I will give my all. The world need not see every private joy and disagreement.




Bright red.




Treat child as though mind is equal to one's own to make the greatest impression. Say if you do not know all the answers. Injustices of the world may never be resolved , but there are much more important matters to worry about than makeup and clothes. Everyone should get a chance to attend a performing school. A performing school in relevance to a play:


Which is more dignified, Broadway or kids performing amidst the streets

with an upside down hat to accept handouts?


I have seen them both.


I choose Broadway.


Despite our differences, we should be able to come together and strive for a sense of equal understanding and unity, shared beliefs. Work together to make dreams come true.


Similarities are stronger than differences.


My greatest hope is for you to always be honest with yourself. Do not pretend to understand what you do not understand.




Academy Prep is simple and hard-working where students attend class from seven in the morning to six at night and clean their own school.





I made it myself




Big island wreath




Silk paintings




Life adventures




Beautiful home and retreat center




Hula is deeply serious and spiritual. Hula is also raucous, silly and playful. Hula is the lifeblood and the guardian of Hawaiian language, myth, history and genealogy. Hula is Hawai`i. Hula is life










Alaskan malamute: gorgeous dog that looks like Husky. Physically strong and require exercise every day.




Cultivate in each child a love of learning.





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