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Lydia's Final Project

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TO:                 Dr. Trey Conner

FROM:            Lydia Beljan

DATE:             March 25, 2009

SUBJECT:        Final Project Proposal





I. Idea/Purpose:

1.     The topic of my final project is Vinyl vs. Digital

2.     The purpose is to illustrate my definitional argument in a multimedia format.



II. Form:

1.     The format of my project will be a film.

2.     This will have audio, video, text, interview, music, and graphic components.



III. Idioms and Audience:

1.     The audience can be anyone interested in music that is in multiple formats.

2.     The paper will be in a visual, online format that most computer users can understand.



IV. Secondary Investigator role:

1.     I’m not sure what you mean by this question, but I can help with editing, and writing.  I’m a videographer also. I can help with just about any multimedia project.

2.     It depends on who wants to come to Bradenton.



V. Structure:

1.     I am still developing the idea. But it will need to be seen, heard, experienced.



VI. Format:

1.     DVD

2.     YouTube clip



VII. Timeline:

1.     It will take me about a week to compile footage.

2.     Then I will need two or three days to edit.

3.     I can deliver with Rough Edits.

4.     I need to find some speakers.


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ShareRiff said

at 2:36 pm on Apr 3, 2009

I am looking forward to this! Sounds great. Proceed.

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