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Link Pile

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Nathan's Links



DC Comics - A look into the DC Universe


Marvel Comics - What Marvel has to offer


A bit more on Marvel - More background on Marvel


A bit more on DC - More background on DC


One of my favorite games: Guitar Hero - A look into what Guitar Hero is all about


Nintendo anyone? - All about the origins of Nintendo


Is branding important? - An article about the importance of certain branding


U Branding - All about colleges and branding


Zeitgeist - The official Zeitgeist website


Games and Children - All about videogames and children


Pros and Cons - A site that shows the good and bad effects of video games on children


History of Comics - All about the early comic books


Max Gaines - An insight to Max Gaines' life


Comic Con - Enter into the world of Comic Con


DC Social_Networking - DC's social networking


Re-Gifters - All about the comic the Re-Gifters


The Plain Janes - All about the comic the Plain Janes


Clubbing - All about the comic Clubbing


Minx - A look into the Mix line DC offers


DC Mobile - About DC entering the mobile world


Secret Invasion - A marketing tool used by Marvel for their Secret Invasion comic


Marvel and Films - A look into the success of comics and films


DC Marketing Flaws - An opinion of why DC is lacking in the marketing department


Amalgam Comics





The text on gaming.


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