!Who Am I?

Who, Who, Who, Who (Week 1)

My name is Kristen, but I go by Kristie. I was born and raised in Tampa, FL. I know I am a rare breed, most of my friends are transplants from other cities and states. I'm married and my husband's name is Adam. He's from Boston, MA.  We met here and dated long distance for almost a year. He moved down, and we have been living happily ever after since.  I have two brothers and two sisters and all for them live in Florida. My brothers and sisters are my best friends. 


I work for Capital One as a manager and I have a team of 15 teammates.  I just moved from to a new line of the business and have a new team.  If you ask them, they will tell you I think they are a bunch of jerks.  I started with them on March 7th.  After working with them for less than a month, they decided that they would show me how comfortable they are with me on April Fool's Day.  I should of known...  They all pulled me into a meeting room and presented a petition to me stating that they wanted their old jobs back or they would all walk out on the company.  I let them know that I would not be albe to fight for them and them tried to convince them that we could have fun working together if we supported each other.  I started to prepare my best Lombardi speach.  As I started to really get into the speech they all told me to, "Shut Up" and this was an April Fool's Day joke.  I called them all jerks and told them that they were fired and they no longer had to quit.  Man, I felt the love from my group that day.  It's not the job of my dreams, but with the economy the way it is, we stay busy and I know I will have a job for a while.  Hopefully the job will hold out, at least, until I'm done with school.  I'm completing my Bachelors in Business Management.  I love the finance side of business ad will probably ultimately get a minor in finance as well.


My New Year's resolution was to get back in school and stay in until I'm done... only about 10 classes left. Since I work full time and USF doesn't offer too many online classes, those 10 classes will probably take close to 2 years. I decided that if I'm not done with school by the time I'm 80, I'll finally give up. Hopefully I don't have to deal with that.


I have a few hobbies that take my money. I really enjoy scuba diving and wish I had more time and money to do it more often. A enjoy any other activities that include water or take place around water. I also enjoy dancing. The hobbies that take most of my time now are the ones that take care of life. You know; mowing the lawn, cleaning, gardening, laundry and other fun activities that seem a whole lot like the chores my parents paid me an allowance to do in the past. Why don't I get an allowance to do them anymore? Guess it's one of those things that just life. 



McCloud Chapter 1

After reading some of Bogost and jumbling through the terminology and the computer and gaming jargon, McCloud was a breath of fresh air.  I have never read comics, my nephews like them and this gives me a chance to take a look into their life.  I always like to learn about somethin new and find out the why's behind things.  Chapter 1 gave me the opportunity to learn a little comic history.  My nephew Kyle is an amazing artist and may want to create comics one day.  He was accepted to Ringling and has received two different scholarships.  I found out that he will need this book when he attends Ringling and this gives us more to talk about.  Tia Kristie is even cooler than before!!   

McCloud Chapter 2

McCloud goes over the differences of Comics over time and the way Japan took their comics down a total different road than the rest of the world. This reminded me of a fun website I take a look at every now and them to make me smile. is a fun, kid friendly site. Specifically, one of the characters, Strongbad, responds to some emails on one of the site's pages. He takes time to respond to a question about Japanese Cartoons. Take a look when you get a minute. It's silly, but it will make you smile...


Homestar Runner helps Strong Bad with his email show.    Strong Bad is mad at his computer and is pouring ketchup on it.

McCloud Chapter 3 

So I am finally writing about McCloud Chapter 3.  As I stated previously, I have never been a big fan of comics and I don't see that changing any time soon.  However, I do learning about new aspects of life and I know many of my friends and family consider comics to be a part of their lives.  I like the additional history and explanation of how objects are drawn and based on the type of comic one draws, in some cases, this can describe the actual artist.  The comparison between artists like Rembrant and a comic artist was never something I had thought of in the past.  This type of comparison makes me appreciate the artistry of comic drawings and will make sure to pay attention to these details the next time I pick up the Sunday paper or flip through my hubby's old Calvin and Hobbs books.  Lovin' the Learin'!!!

What kind of faces would you call these???

Chapter 7

Coming Soon 


First Person

To be honest, I had to read the beginning of a few different articles before I found one that I thought would keep my interest.  I started with "Ludology" and found that I was Googling as much as I was reading to keep up with the terminology and Jargon.  Although I am a drama free person, I tried the "Cyberdrama" thinking I would read about how game characters create drama within their game world or how gaming in general can create drama in someone's personal life.

Well, I was wrong.  The Cyberdrama article was about how people say, "There are those who say that games and stories are opposed, and what makes a good story makes a bad game and vise versa."  Janet Murry went through topics like how playing a game and having to "Replay" a level to perfect the skills of that particular level.  This gaming situation would create a story/movie like "Groundhog's Day."  This allowed the character to replay each level of his life until he perfected it and could successfully complete the next level to complete the game and have the corrrect final outcome.

Murray goes into her definition of Cyberdrama to say that this is the emphasis of the enactment of the story in a particular fictional computer space.  She explains about certain text where the reader/player must perform specific actions to generate a literacy sequence.  This could vary each reading and story/game ending.  Games like the Sims is an example of this text.  Bryan Loyal responds with the fact that he considers a good story/movie to allow him to forget that he is watching or reading a movie/story and he becomes the story.  In other words, the reader/watcher should become immersed in the story and the emotions of the stoy are seen from the reader/watcher's point of view.  Interactive Drama allows the viewer to enter a world with and interactive character and the author writes the characteristics of the setting and the character itself or themself.  This made me think about when I used to do Madlibs as a kid and entering certain words (Subjects, Verbs, Adverbs and Adjectives) will change the outcome of a story.  We also had those books that would send you to alternate endings.  Were these stories or games?

Ken Perlin writes about how he thinks that characters in books and movies seem more realistic than game characters.  He states that games have not been able to create characters real enough to allow an audience to care.  My thoughts on this are that since we cannot control movie and story characters we anticipate what will happen next while in game characters can be manipulates by us in some way because there is a participant holding a the controller.  Whether we are the actual character moving through the game or playing along with other characters and getting the other characters to participate and help complete the game to completion, we have some sort of control.  If we identify with game characters or story characters, either way, we can escape reality and play a game or move through a story where we have no personal negative "real" consequence.  Perlin goes into how sculpture conveys emotion, personality and struggle to create a story or game.  I think this is taking the "Cyberdrama" too far and is a stretch. 

I think Michael Mateas goes the deepest into his explanation and really spells out how games and stories compare to eachother.  I still think that all games can be stories, but most have to have replay-ability because there is a end written into the game when a certain number of wrong choices are made.  Even in the simplest games, there are levels that must be repeated until perfected.  Each time a level is not played correctly, the game starts over and that level must be repeated multiple times before any new action or story line is introduced... kinda like singing the 12 Days of Christmas and repeating certain days multiple times before moving to the next verse or day.  He goes into Immersion vs. Transformation and the Aristotelian theory of Drama.  Immersion is how the player becomes part of the game through putting on a mask, visiting the the game/story by using certain interactions or rules.  Transforming uses what is learned in the immersion to make you better at the game and move you more quickly and efficiently to the next level with the least amount of replays.  He goes into the explanation of how a short story or an act in a play could be seen as a level of the longer game. 

He explains a gaming project he is working on.  He states that he and his partner, "(We) are intersted in interactive experiences that appeal to the adult, non-computer-geek, movie-and-theater-going adult."  His goal is to have the player act natural and respond as they would in a real life situation.  This sounds like a good concept, but being the typical 'non-computer geek' that I am, I only see one outcome to this game if I genuinely act as myself.  It would be fun to act out of character to see the alternate endings.  Again, this would be different stories created by playing a game multiple times and this in turn would result in different outcomes. 

Ultimately, a game can turn into a story but a story, but a story once it is written, cannot be a game because the levels of the story's game have been completed and we cannot replay them.  Once written, told, filmed or acted out, it is a story.  Anew game can start over, but once the story ends, so does that game's level.  Multiple stories can come from one game because there are different levels, participants, replays and characters created. 


Midterm Reflection (3/11/09) - Midterm Reflection

Section I - I read the description of the course goals as they are listed on the course website. Here is my response to the following questions:

Do you feel we are proceeding towards these goals? What is so far proving most useful? What would you change, and why?

It seems like our class is on course, but we have many individuals who are behind in their writing assignments and the ideas of their writing assignments.  I have faith in our class that we can and will accomplish our goals as long as we catch ourselves up individually and proceed together so we can learn together going forward.  I find that each student has a different perception of how our assignments need to be completed and what is expected.  Class conversations help us clarify the expectations which in turn helps us learn how to complete the different deliverables.  These class discussions are good because we can come to a conclusion as a class and confirm what the actual expectations are from the ShareRiff himself by the end of each class session.  In turn we have learned how to write, what to write and we have done this as a true team.


What are you learning in class? What more do you think you could learn in class? How can class be structured to help you learn what matters to you?

I enjoy the fact that I have a group of peers I can share with on a weekly basis to review writing techniques.  I am concerned that I do not have that full group to use each and every week.  I truly believe that life teaches the most valuable lessons and I personally learn from real life experiences.  I feel that class discussions around how to write will continue to help me learn in the long run.  We had a great class discussion on March 5th.  We took the time to have each student give their take on the different assignments we've completed and the lessons learned from each of them.  This not only allows us to share and learn together as a class, but also makes us accountable for completing the work assigned.


How do you define your responsibilities to this class? How are you living up to those responsibilities? What are your greatest contributions to class? What can you improve?

I feel my responsibilities are pretty clearly defined and spelled out in the course calendar/description.  Our class website specifically indicates that, weekly wiki'ing and in-class activity will give me 100 points, 4 polished and formal deliverables will give me another 100 points (25 points each), a final project/research paper will gain me another 100 points, and my overall portfolio will gain me a final 100 points to give a total of 400 possible points earned in this class.  This is pretty self explanatory.  I feel that my class participation is at 100% and I like challenging my peers to improve their work by providing a different view or idea to add to their personal writing assignments, but my weekly wiki'ing could improve.  I am half way to completing the 4 polished formal deliverables.  I am honestly still unclear of what my final project will be, but will have that idea in my head before returning from Spring Break and my overall profile could use some TLC to gain my personal 100% effort. 


How do you define ShareRiff's responsibilities as teacher of this class? Is ShareRiff fulfilling those responsibilities? What more or different can he do to help you fulfill the work of this class?

I feel that it is ShareRiff is responsible for providing the students with the tools needed to successfully complete the expected assignments.  He is updating the Course Calendar regularly so these assignments are clear.  This allows students to reference the calendar when completing our responsibilities if additional clarification is needed.  I feel that I walked away from our March 5th class with a very clear expectation of what I needed to do to be successful in this course.  This was accomplished by having classmates comment on a few of the assignments we have been given so far and what they did as an individual to complete that assignment.   ShareRiff directed the conversation and pulled us back in if we got off course, then closed the session with his expectations and when they were due. 


What more or different can ShareRiff do to help you understand the work he is asking you to do?

I feel ShareRiff has purposely given us assignments with vague descriptions to allow us to genuinely write as an individual.  However, it seems that this specific group needs a bit more structure.  The new format we came up with as a class seems to be working well with clear expectations, yet allows us to choose topics we are personally passionate about.  I like where we are going.   


What suggestions do you have for how we can improve class, to help you learn more, and enjoy the class and the learning more? (you can bullet your list for easier reading)

-Classmates, Please show up to class.  I feel that we learn best from eachother and when we have all points of view and experiences to pull ideas from.

-Classmates, Let's get our work done and posted in a timely manner.  I am guilty of slacking on this, but I know I will fall behind in class discussions if my work does not keep up with what the class is talking about.

-ShareRiff, Keep us on track as we move through the final 2 formal deliverables and discuss as a class on what we need to write about.  Continue to close each class with the expected structure of each assignments (# of words, the meat and potatoes of the actual body of the writing and timeframes).


I am the youngest child in my family and have spent my life learning from the mistakes and life events of my big brothers and sisters, yet I still have to live my life and make some mistakes on my own to learn additional valuable lessons.  If we continue to work together as classmates and learn together as we complete our assignments we can take these lessons with us and be successful in our game of life.  I it's cheesy, but that's who I am. 


Section II

1. I have not figured out how to upload a picture to the new Wiki, but this is the best I have for now:

On a scale from 1-10 with 1 being the furthest away from and 10 being the closest to completing my writing process for this course.




I can always elaborate once I figure out how to upload. 


Unit One 

Definitional Argument Kristie (1/29/09)

Ok, it's official, this part of my "Game of Life" has won for the Jantwentynine class meeting. See you in class.


Definitional Argument Kristie-Final (2/05/09)

I added reference information, but I guess we are going to formally add the references later.


Kristie - Peer Review for Unit One - Definition Arguments (2/11/09) - FebFive

Here is some grades and feedback for my peers:

Great paper Aldijana. You did a great job going over the different ways a child would use the internet. You also did a good job of having a fair presentation of the pros and cons of the Internet and how to make computers work in a positive way overall. The only opportunity I saw was for you to use stronger vocabulary when you want to make a dramatic point. Use the tools available to you to communicate as efficiently as possible and stress different areas of your point. (Ex. You describe bullying as a nasty act, yet do not add a negative description to the possibility of a child being the victim of a sexual predator.)

Overall, you opened your piece with information that caught my attention, presented the positives and negatives of your subject and provided a conclusion. Your information was easy to read and understand. I would say this a well written A paper.


Earl, As I read your paper, I felt as if you were educating me based on your hands on research with this subject. Your information is specific and to the point. The details of your examples not only spell out paint the picture of how it works, but that it actually does work. You not only wrote a great paper and communicated effectively, but sold an idea that I honestly had never thought of. Are you working for Wii and do they employ you to go from nursing home to nursing home to sell their product?

Overall A Paper All the Way!!


Definitional Argument - Paul, Your information is well researched, organized and supported. I was impressed with the specific example you gave about the child who unfortunately died from a simple reenactment of a basic wrestling move. This definitely proves that violence seen on TV does have an overall negative impact on children. Your introduction and conclusion paragraphs are repetitive. Find stronger vocabulary to gain the attention of your audience and close your argument strong. Was the word count enough to satisfy the assignment?  Overall B Paper


Kristie Unit 2

Kristie Causal Argument Rough Draft and Kristie - Peer Review can also be found at MarchFive

Kristie Causal Argument Final Draft can also be found at March 25th Posting Place for the Midnight Party

Casual Final Argument Reviews are located on AprilNine

Dylan Adams' Final Draft Unit 2 -

I really enjoyed your paper.  I enjoyed the fact that you took the gaming topic to organized games and how they are organized.  I know this is not about grammatical correction, but take a look at this small correction: Also, next year, it will be held in Miami, the same sight at the Super Bowl.  I felt that the topics of each sport transitioned smoothly through each paragraph of your piece.  I know that hockey and soccer are not as popular in America, but I like the fact that you at least touched on each sport.  Do you think that the NFL decided to move the Pro-Bowl closer to home to try to get more fans in the stadium?  I went to the Pro Bowl a few years ago and the stadium was just over half full and was in GREAT need of updates.  I know Hawaii has plans to do some updates to see if they can get the NFL back.  This may have been a quick topic to touch on to get the word count closer to the given expectations.  Overall, this was a well organized paper with an A to B grade.

Nancy and Tracy

By accident, I read your rough draft and your final.  It looks like you guys made a huge improvement.  You took the time to research the different types of surgery and the medical name and common name of the procedures.  This makes the paper easier to read and gives a little education at the same time.  Comparing the different surgeries received by celebrities and how those same surgeries could have a negative effect if people don't take all aspects of the change into effect.  You covered the the medical, mental and emotional effects of the decision to have plastic surgery.  I think your piece was well thought out, well researched and well organized.  You had a clear thesis and a clear causal argument for an overall A Paper.

The Ripple Effect

Wow Lydia, this is an extremely well written and organized piece.  I love the details and really does fit the Causal Argument topic so perfectly.  The story itself was detailed enough that I felt as if I was a fly on the wall as you described the activity and the actions taken.  Although the actual story was an unfortunate one, I enjoyed the fact that you ended the paper on a positive note about how it takes one person to positively effect others and then threw in your personal cause and effect with your hubby.  I would definitely give this a solid A.



Kristie Final Project


For my Final Project I will incorporate my Unit 3 Piece and Evaluate the Evaluations of a certain category of movies.

Most Game or Comic Movies do not receive the greatest of reviews.  However, most of these movies have a large following because the gamers or comic fans have such a large following that they want to support their hobby and favorite pass time by seeing their favorite characters (game or comic) on "The Big Screen."

I will use the movie ratings posted online and the gross profit reported for most movies to compare if the evaluation truley matched what the audience expected.  I will also us movie clips and graphics to incorporate different aspects of the films to support the information I uncover.

You all know that I am not a gamer, but want to make sure I am opening up my mind and using my talents and tools to write about the topic(s) I am learning about.  I also want to make sure my peers/classmates read my work and form a genuine opinion about the subject.  Since our class subject is gaming with some comics thrown into the mix and passion has grown around these topics, why would I not want to play along.

I like the avenue Dyllan has taken with his 1st two unit assignments as he was reviewing the Marvel vs. DC Comics.  We have reviewed some different information about how marketing has a huge play on this subject and how marketing can help or hurt films created from the two comic sieres.  I will pull from his thoughts.  I also have two crazy friends who are passionate about games related movies (Mike) and comics related movies (Leon).  I will make sure to use their expertise and site interviews I have with them as fans.

My structure will be within our class Wiki as an online setting ans will share my final outcome with the comic and game fans of the world through chat.

My formatt and timelines will be determined upon class assignments and deadline deliverables set upon me.  

I'm excited to jump into something new!!

Kristie Final Project - Rough Draft

Kristie Final Project - Final

Kristie - Peer Reviews



Linking is Learning

I think (1/09/09)

Gaming? What is it? Where does it start and where does it end? I want to start my though with, "Life is a Game". We reload by eating and sleeping. We work to get money to buy necessities used to move through our game. We improve our character and try to move to new levels or stages within our game by learning new tasks or practicing and perfecting tasks done on a regular basis. Although "The Game of Life" was formally named by Milton Bradley in the 1960's, the actual game of life started at the beginning of time and extends beyond the board game restricted to allow 2-10 participants.

Today, my game of life was a level that took my character through an exercise of adding life to my game. The new year often plays a big role in getting characters re-devoted to their goals and adding lives the help extend or enhance their game. One of the characters in my game, a friend of mine, used money gained from her work to buy a new bike. We decided to link our games together and play a level together by participating in a short 9 mile bicycle trip. I started fully loaded with a great night's sleep and a yummy breakfast. Although my character felt week and challenged, I successfully made it through today's level without loosing any lives. Can't wait to see what tomorrow's level bring.

For now, this level of my game is on pause while I re-charge.


Brand Idea (1/14/09)

It's funny how recharging takes energy. I think I'm recharging by enrolling in school, and I see the Wiki email and, WOW, we have a writing class. This is great. A class that actually writes and writes. This is going to be work, but I know that I will be charged with inspiration, ideas and knowledge when the class is complete. I read a few entries and wanted to respond to Jacob Parker who wrote his view on Branding. His research found that, "...Branding is about selling everything associated with your organization."

Great thoughts Jacob. I agree that non-profit organizations should not be about making money. I'd like to shed a different view of this game. My idea of branding is, when you think of a product, you think of a specific brand of that product. Let me give some examples; "I need a Kleenex." Do I really need a Kleenex, or will any facial tissue do? Same with Band-Aid, Tylenol, Advil, Aspirin, and the list goes on. If you truly "Brand" a product or service the product or service will be YOUR product. If you truly sell... "everything associates with your organization", you will sell the heart, sole, ethics, quality and any other aspect of that brand. Selling is not only getting your customer to buy your product, but buy in to your product.


I hope this gives a different view to your Brand and helps you get that brand of yours to sell, sell, sell!!!


McDonald's Blog (1/19/09)

I played the McDonald's video game. I remembered why I don't play video games. I don't have the patience to figure out how to make the buttons work and ultimately, it will get me nowhere. After all that work, I still end up on the couch with a fat @$$ from sitting around and eating all of that fast food and snacks. The games that interest me are the ones that are interactive and make my heart beat. There are all kinds of interactice sports that can be played in the Tampa Bay Area. Take a look at , they have the basic softball and baseball, but the old school games are back as well. Kickball, flag football and bowling are all available as well. To add to Jacob Grimes 3310's idea of drinking games that bring people together to interact, I love to meet new people and make new friends. With so many different kinds of people in the area, why not reach out and learn. Networking is a huge part of being successful, games can help us be smarter and stronger. We can learn new games and learn new ways to live through the games we will have to play in the future. New games or new levels of the same game are always ahead of us and if we can become smarter and stronger to survive and win, our Game of Life will always be better.


Week 2 Stealth Lab (1/22/09)

I love the fact that everyone who made any type of comment on the McDonald Video Game agreed that in order to succeed, you must work unethically. I honestly wonder if this has any bearing on how each person feels about the actual company. I love the "Ignorance is bliss" comment by Dylan K. After thinking about this further in depth, we have to ask the questions, who created this McDonald video game? Was it Burger King? Was it an activist group who wants to save the rain forest? Can we know? Do we want to know? The game gave me justification for not liking McDonald's in the first place. If you love McDonald's, will you hate the game? This is all food for thought.


Obese Wii Me

So I'm keeping an eye out for al kinds of gaming conversations and overheard a frind of mine at working talking about how she just got a Wii Fit for her and her son to play with.  This friend of mine is the kind of girl who hears about someone exercising and asks, "Why the heck would you put yourself through that torture?"  She is naturally slim and has no need to do exercise to stay healthy.  She told me how she lets her son create all of the personalized Wii people that come and play with the family.  One of her overweight friends came over and her son was creating the Wii character.  After entering the guest's weight, the little Wii made a funny sound and grew into a chubby Wii.  Is this something that is meant to motivate the Wii fit player or is it an insult.  After looking into this further (Googling the subject), I found that the Wii fit makes people Obese even if they have a large body mass due to muscle mass.  Doe it take into accoutn body fat percentage?  Maybe it should.  Just thought I'd add my thought of the day regarding gaming and one of my daily gaming conversations.


WCG Ultimate Gamer Reality Show

Holy cow, there's a reality show about video games?  This 12 episode season has already eliminated 5 of the 12 original contestants.  I guess drama can be created in any aspect of life.  The participants live together in an ultra cool and technically advanced loft fit to please the avid gamer.   It seems like there is a reality show for pretty much any and every topic out there.  We have reality shows about singing, cooking and now people who play video games.  Check out the dancing gamers in one of their contests...  The Dance Off.


Sound Bite

OK, so someone told me a rumor this weekend about how the large population of cows in India has a worse effect on depleting the ozone than do the millions of cars in America.  The reason is because cows let out such a large amount of methane gases.  Have Fun!!


Here is another fun sound of my husband's old motorcycle getting Dyno Tested.

GSX-R 1000.3gp


Thought that I woul also share this fun sight.  Since we enjoyed Aldijana share her wonderful bird sounds with us this is a site that made me think of our April 17th class.  My mom recently took a trip from her home inKaui to Maui and saw a bird named I'iwi.  When I Googl'ed the word to see what the bird looked like, I was sent to a site that had a bunch of birds rapping and jamming together.  Take a look and let me know what you think...


Click on the picture of the I'iwi and hear what the birds of Hawaii shound like:


Jury Duty

Here I sit in Jury Duty on July 20th 2009.  I am honestly bored out of my mind.  I'm in a room full of strangers yet people who are just like me; bored out of their minds.  We are all keeping to ourselves; no eye contact, whisper if we answer the phone and the best...  Deep sighs every few minutes.  I thought that this would be a great time to catch up on my "what if" writing.  I found that when I was in this class I had to find time to write.  The assignments were fun and caused my brain would just rambel and putting the words that run through my head in writing is relaxing and cleansing at the same time.  This again is a brain ramble, but I like it, so I'm going to keep going.  This is fun.  I wonder if anyone else in this room feels that they are here for no reason.  I don't want to put this in writing, but since it's in my head I will...  Here goes...  I've never been called for an actual jury.  I really don't want to be called because my luck would be that the case would run for a fews days and would have to miss some days at work.  As much as I don't want to go to work, I don't want to miss days for jury duty.  I'd much rather miss for a fun day at the beach.  Even a day working at home would be a great reason to miss work.  So, now that I put that in writing, I bet Murphy's Law will come into play and I'll be in the next call for the judge needing a jury.  On the other hand, servin on a jury could be fun.  I could probaby learn something fun from that experience.  As much as I complaign, I usually find the best in whatever I'm doing. 

Ok, here is the really bad news, (not really, I'm just complaigning again) I just looked at my iPod and see that my battery is in the red.  I don't know what I will do in this horrid place without music in my ear.  I'd actually have to listen to the chic behind me talk about how wonderful her kid is and that the teacher was wrong for expelling him for throwing milk in the cafeteria.  How blind can love be?  Not that I'm anti social, but I guess I just choose to only be social with people in certain environments.  Everyone else that is in my environment right now is working on their own laptop, reading the business report their boss or associate just sent over via their blackberry of iPhone.  They were prepared for today and made sure their power tools were fully charged.  

Ok, here's a subject, every person that does take a phone call tells the person on the other line their current jury duty status.  "I'm still in jury duty and I haven't been picked for a jury yet."  What is the percentage of jurors that actually get pick for a jury compared to the ones who show up for the duty to just sit and wait?  What to next?  Do I read my magazine.  I took time out of yesterday to prepare for today a bit.  I went a purchased a magazine and my hubby laughed at me.  He said that I would't read it and if I did, I wasn't going to use any of the info I get out of it.  Well, to his surprise, I read half this morning and changed to this fun activity after they (they being the hillsborough county court system) made us return from lunch.  I hope they let out early.  This is dragging on.  I guess it's not that bad.  I feel that I just got back from lunch and now I see that it's 20 til 2pm.  Only about 3 hours left.  There's another sigh. 

Oh how I love my iPod.  No Doubt's "Sunday Morning" is on and I think I would have to say that this is one of my most favorite songs of all times.  I love Sundays.  I've always had a job wher eI do not work on Sundays.  This is my sacrid day.  Lately, Adam (hubby) and I have been going to a lake to jet ski on Sundays.  The morning starts late with breakfast around 10 or 11 o'clock.  earlier if we need to get some yard work done.  I know that yard work includes the word "work" but I actually like Yard work.  It gives me a chance to get out in the sun and made something I own look better.  I take pride in my belongings.  I work hard to pay for that stuff so I should work just as hard to keep it looking nice and stay in good shape.  The harder I work, the more it will be worth when and it I choose to sell in the future.  Ok, back to the lake and the jet ski...  If and when we do decide to move, we plan on living on a lake somewhere.  I want a pool that is screened in so the mosquitos don't bite.  He wants to come home from a hard day at work and relax by taking our dinner and going for a a ride on our boat (when we get the lake house I assume we will have a boat to put in the water).  Or, he would go for a hard ride on the jet ski to get the stress out.  So, I'm out of subjects for now, so I'm going to get back to the magazine so I can continue to prove my hubby wrong... in a fun way of course.   


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