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grant writing hub we are in a brainstorming mode today, so let's follow our instincts, and, as we go, let's link all grant-seeking activity to this hub.



I. Readings




Living and Learning with New Media




service learning



-active participation

-sets outcomes based on a community's needs

-resonance with academic curriculum



-experiential learning paradigm

(Montessori, Dewey, Freire, Vygotsky et al)


-immersion and participation

examples from game design fold back onto education


3 modes

1. serve, reflect (expressive mode)

2. research/serve (academic mode)

3. writing as community service/renouncing the fruits of writing (public/civic mode)


What does #3 require of us in our era of "networked publics"? Let's consider Rich's post and ask, "which mixture of modes will help us set and meet a measurable outcome?"



II. Mt. Zion


vans are on call. shall we do a site visit today? discuss


III. field work


reports from the class


music program!


For next time (JanTwentyEight):


post links and notes regarding your progress to JanTwentyEight. Direct our attention to specific language/patterns/problems so that we can workshop our emerging documents as collaborators, critics, and editors.


read service learning chapter 3 and grant seeking in an electronic age chapter 1

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