Yes, please arrive to class with 3 hard copies of your unit 1 (definitional argument) rough draft. You must also create a page on the wiki, as soon as possible, for sharing your remixing/drafting process as you go, so that we can tune in on each others' process this week, like always. Also, this will guarantee that we'll have both analog (paper) and digital (wiki) drafts to work with tonight. University of Florida's Associate Professor of Management and Communication Jane Douglas (author of "The Pleasures of Immersion and Interaction: Schemas Scripts and the Fifth Business" in our First Person text book) will join us as we bear down and bring "beady eyes" to our rough drafts in class.


By noon, Thursday: Post links direct us to your drafts below, and sign up to review 3 peer drafts by typing your name underneath 3 peer draft links:


Definitional Argument - Aldijana





Definitionalish Argument Draft 1 - Michele - it's on my page. i will figure out the TOC if it kills me.





Definitional Argument (Rough Draft)-Earl


- Aldijana

- Kristie - Great stuff Earl. I love the Wii's virtual activities compare to real world physical activities and how this particular video game world mimics or takes the place of the actual world and has the same effect.


-Dylan A.: Earl, this was a great piece. Very interesting, but i think you should talk about the wii fit board they just came out with and how there are even more exercises and physical therapy out now.


Definitional Argument Kristie

video games and violence








-This is a contoversy which, since I'm pretty young, seems to have been going on forever. I love how you presented both sides with facts. The fact that you have very recent detail sheds some new light on an on-going debate. ~Jillian



Argument: Propaganda - David & Dylan K




\"$3 million Ads\" - - By: Nancy Assia and Tracy Assia

-David- people go insane when big events like this take place. I'd like to know the reasons behind this.



Dylan A: This was a great idea for a paper. Dealing with multi-million dollar ads during a time of recession. I really like that you guys touched on the fact that the super bowl has always been known for the funny commercials but a lot of people aren't really in the mood to laugh. One thing I think that could really build your paper is if you go more in depth with the Sobe Ad., talking about how they are advertising for an advertisement and how much it cost them.

Recommended Viewing

- Danny


- I was really interested in your topic. I've been watching the Super Bowl for years and just like you said, the commercials were the huge seeling points for me. The decision of whether to spend the money for the ad has not really ever been as hotly debated before. I'm glad you picked up on that and decided to discuss it. All the points you touched on were great. Try to elaborate more on them though, maybe adding more examples and facts. ~Jillian


Definitional Argument - Paul




Lydia's Definitional Argument Vinyl vs Digital




Jacob Grimes DIY Draft

Here is the basis for my paper. I have been reading about DIY games communities and plan on adding more in about them. Suggestions would be appreciated.

I won't be in class today due to an illness, but I do plan on participating in peer reviews.


Defintional Argument - Nathan Pierce


Nathan, I love this argument you've presented. I'm not an avid comic reader but I do very much enjoy them. So, I appreciated the history, comparisons, and debates your presented between DC and Marvel. I thought it was funny that I completely agreed with every statement you made regarding the comic to movie adaptations, though I also like to give credit to Nicholson's brilliant portrayal of the Joker, as well. Back to your draft. The content was great. Maybe try to format your sentences a little better. Also be careful of punctuation - Commas are everyone's favorite nuisance, lol. I can't wait to see your final draft. ~Jillian


Jillian & Kevin's Reflections



Nancy Assia's reviews for peers definitional arguments






Welcome to Prose Activation Station

Connect, cut, and reconnect words, sound, images, and ideas.

consult this Connexions module, populate your paragraphs with characters and actions


tab this tabla

and listen as you read and remember


a simple one-two: agent-based prose

Select any paragraph from the peer draft you are reading. As you read focus your attention on the voice of the language. Do you find active configurations? Or passive constructions? This week, when we review each others' drafts, we have to be free to critique and open to suggestions. Identifying shifts in voice--from active to passive, and back again--can help you begin a conversation about the effectiveness of a peer's writing. If you find a paragraph in a peer's draft that "just doesn't seem right," read it aloud. Does the voice seem to shift randomly from active to passive voice, or does the writer seem to use voice to shift emphasis and direct your attention in order to amplify a particular argumentative pattern or point?


Experience grammatical voice as a rhetorical choice. Ask and answer these two questions:


who's the agent? Place this main character in the subject position (the beginning of your sentence)

what is the primary action performed by the agent, or main character? Place this verb immediately following the character performing the action


Perform this algorithm on your most recently composed paragraph in your definition, or on a portion of your narrative, or peer narratives and blogs. Then, read the results aloud. Finally, shift your attention to the paragraph's specific purpose, imagine it in a larger argument or final project. Revise back into the passive voice when it helps emphasize your paragraph's overall rhetorical purpose.


Focus: transitions!


Now, look for transitions...will your readers see your sequence of ideas?


Crucial resources for rough draft workshop


Clarity from Joseph Williams and Gregory Columb's Style The Connexions module is based on this text.


Open Office and Neo Office - free open source software that replaces Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.


speed up open office tips from lifehacker.com


koffice also like Microsoft Word, but free


Craig Waddell's free prose mechanics this free grammar guide and style manual covers the basics


Elements of Style, a classic


3 modules on clear writing style at Rice's Connexions, a creative commons of learning modules, online texts, and courses.


nonlinear adding machine got writer's block? Chisel it up, go on a syntactical "derive," find your "un-voice" See also: Ractor, chatterbots, etc


Widget Library! this "scriptorium" shares (java) scripts for making our wiki sizzle. F'shizzle!


html color codes plug these #ers into css templates to customize your pages. Recall Kristie's points about the rhetorical force of light and color.