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Commons logo fix

A creative commons logo and link to your deed will appear on your page, but first you will need to make one minor adjustment in the html:


1. Find the area in the code where: style="border-width:0" is written.




2. Delete the 0 so that it becomes this: style="border-width:"




3. Save and problem solved.




how to join the course roster page

(also: how to make a link in point-and-click mode)

Would someone please explain how to add oneself to the roster page? :)




  1. Click the "ENC 3310 Course Roster" link on the sidebar, where it lives. (You can also click it here.)
  2. Click Edit Page on ENC 3310 Course Roster.
  3. Find the bottom of the roster on the Edit page, click the Link button at the top, and fill out the form to create your own new page.
  4. Go to your new page and edit it.


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