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Group Project Proposal

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 Please scroll down for proposal.


To: Shari Hazlett & Andrea Hildebran February 27th, 2009


From: Amanda Sliby, Drew Towey & Jaime Boyko



Bartlett Community Garden Volunteer Handbook & Fact Sheet Project Proposal




Green Florida is a non-profit organization "dedicated to improving neighborhoods and enhancing the quality of life of Floridians through education, the development of community gardens, and other projects that help Florida and it's many communities transition to a green economy." Currrently, Green Florida is transforming a once empty lot at 1443 Highland Street South in St. Petersburg into a prosporous community garden. This project is the first of many to come for Green Florida. Community volunteers are invited to participate in beautifying the corner lot in Bartlett Park and encouraged to help with fundraising and other fun events. 

 Our class project will include the arrangement of our group members meeting once a week with coordinators to research and document the garden's needs and developments, attending workshops and gatherings, conducting additional related research and creating a volunteer handbook and fact sheets as an end result.  The remainder of this proposal elaborates on Bartlett Community Garden's problems and addresses solutions. A time line in which we will successfully complete the project is also included.  


Problems: Volunteer Turnover and Community Awareness
 Volunteer Turnover
At this moment, the Bartlett Community Garden has several eager volunteers but no organized document to guide the volunteers into the Garden project. As volunteers come and go, their knowledge hasn't been recorded and preserved for future reference. For example, one of the most knowledgable volunteers on the garden's drip irrigation system will be leaving in the near future. This person's knowledge needs to be documented for successful watering of the garden.
 Community Awareness
 Bartlett Community Garden volunteers are beginning to make a difference; however, the community's general lack of environmental knowledge is a major issue. Community gardening can be very beneficial to a community, especially when it's located in an underprivileged neighborhood, like the one that surrounds the Bartlett Garden.  First, it creates a sense of friendship and community.  People who create these bonds are less likely to commit crimes against these people and are more likely to help them out if they are ever in need.  Also, it provides healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables, to people who normally do not or cannot  afford to purchase proper sustinance.  Third, the garden is a means of educating people about the environment and how to help conserve our planet. Once  this information is shared, it can be passed on to generations to come.  The Garden needs a way to draw in more (diverse) community members and to teach them facts about community gardening, the environment and healthy living.
Solution: Writing a Volunteer Handbook and Fact Sheets


Combining the issues of volunteer turnover and lack of community awareness,  the Garden needs two types of documents: 1) A handbook that will pass on knowledge and guidance to new volunteers. 2) Fact sheets as a means of community outreach.


1) The handbook will include the following:


-Volunteer jobs and descriptions 

-A place where current and previous volunteers can contribute their knowledge and expertise in their specific areas

-How to run the drip irrigation system

-References to organic farming and other related topics

-Contact Information for organization leaders


*Presented to Volunteers


2) Fact Sheets will consist of:


-Information on the benefits of community gardening

-Overview of Bartlett Community Garden


*Presented to potential volunteers, donors and community members





Since Green Florida is a non-profit organization, they rely on contributions from volunteers and grant money. We plan on using a printer provided by Andrea and/or Shari in order to produce our documents.  This handbook and the fact sheets will be a living document that organization leaders can maintain from their home computers and print out as needed.







1) To interview about 3-4 current volunteers and document any helpful knowledge they have in their specific field.




2) To research the benefits of community gardening and learn many facts about how important it is to the environment and the community members. 




3) To compile the information obtained from the volunteers in a handbook where future volunteers can go in order to learn how to do their jobs.




4) To ensure the research and facts are correct and compile the information into one page documents. 




5) To create a format for both the handbook and information packets that is easy to understand and add to if anyone needs to in the future.




Time Line:

Week of February 23, 2009:  Proposal handed over to Shari Hazett and/or Andrea Hildebran

Week of March 2 2009: Each group member meet with client(s) to discuss the proposal, expectations, changes, etc., and attend a Bartlett community garden meeting or workshop.

Week of March 9, 2009:  Report of client response to proposal due to Dr. McCracken

Week of March 16, 2009:  Each group member meet with client(s) to discuss progress, attend Bartlett Community Garden meeting or workshop, gather information from volunteers and contributors.

Week of March 23, 2009:  Client response to progress report due to Dr. McCracken; each group member meet with client(s) to discuss project attend garden meeting or workshop, gather information and feedback from volunteers and contributors

Week of April 6, 2009:  First draft of volunteer handbook book turned over to Dr. McCracken's class for review, first draft also presented to client(s) for initial review, each group member attend garden meeting or workshop

Week of April 13, 2009: Final draft of project completed, polished

Week of April 20, 2009:  Group work with Shari and Andrea to finalize handbook

Week of April 27, 2009:  Showcase Bartlett Community Garden Volunteer Handbook

April 30, 2009:  Client response to finished handbook due to Dr. McCracken



Group Members and Contact Information


Jaime Boyko 




Amanda Sliby




Drew Towey





Dr. Jill McCracken




Group Project Wiki Page


For updates on progress and other project information 






By the end of this project, the members of Bartlett Park Community Garden will be presented with 1) A comprehensive handbook for all new, current, and prospective volunteers. 2) Fact sheets explaining the benefits of the Garden. Raising awareness of the Garden will give members of Bartlett neighborhood a sense of pride and respect for their community. 






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