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First Draft of Progress Report BCG

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Amanda Sliby, Jaime Boyko and Drew Towey
Univeristy of South Florida
ENC 2210: Technical Communication
March 9, 2009
Bartlett Park Community Garden Project
Green Florida
P.O. Box 844
St. Petersburg, Florida 33731

Subject: Progress Report on Volunteer Handbook and Fact Sheets

This report will formally update you on the progress of the Bartlett Community Garden group's work with the volunteer handbook and Green Florida fact sheets.  We have already gathered some information for the fact sheets and have begun interviews for the volunteer handbook.  We are currently working on gathering more information and will soon begin drafting the different documents.  We are confident that we will complete these documents in a successful, well organized style to serve the Bartlett Community Garden and Green Florida.  Below we discuss our progress, including the goals we set for ourselves this week and how we met or did not meet them.
Task 1: Meet as a group with one or both of the directors of Bartlett Park's community garden.
    1. On Saturday, March 6,  our group met with Shari Hazlett to discuss the proposal and Green Florida's expectations of our work.
    2. We gained a more clear picture on what Shari and Andrea would like as a final product. (Details are located in our field journal).
    1. Division of preliminary work among the three members of the group.
        a. Drew will be working on a collection of facts for the brochure and the fact sheets
        b. Amanda will be gathering information from Shari and Andrea, such as, specific information they want included in the handbook. Our             clients are adamant about having information about the drip irrigation system, so I'll also be learning how to use the system.
        c. Jaime will be working on the tri-fold brochure for Green Florida
Task 2: Receive feedback on the proposal
    1. Concern for the tone of the proposal
        a. "underprivileged neighborhoods" shouldn't be used to describe the neighborhoods Green Florida works with, because many are not
        b. this organization isn't helping the communities as charity work, they are helping the communities help themselves
Task 3: Review and Revise the time line
    1. Detail was added to the time line, but the deadlines remained the same, specifics were added with the refined idea of the project
Week of February 23, 2009:  Proposal handed over to Shari Hazlett and/or Andrea Hildebran

Week of March 2 2009: Each group member meet with client to discuss the proposal, expectations, changes, etc., and attend a Bartlett community garden meeting or workshop.

Week of March 9, 2009:  Report of client response to proposal due to Dr. McCracken.  First draft of progress report due.

Week of March 16, 2009:  Each group member meet with client to discuss progress, attend Bartlett Community Garden meeting or workshop, gather information from volunteers and contributors.

Week of March 23, 2009:  Client response to progress report due to Dr. McCracken; each group member meet with client to discuss project attend garden meeting or workshop, gather information and feedback from volunteers and contributors

Week of April 6, 2009:  First draft of guide, fact sheets and brochure turned over to Dr. McCracken's class for review, first draft also presented to client for initial review, each group member attend garden meeting or workshop

Week of April 13, 2009: Final draft of project completed, polished

Week of April 20, 2009:  Group work with Shari and Andrea to finalize project

Week of April 27, 2009:  Showcase Bartlett Community Garden Drip Irrigation Guide, Green Florida Brochure and Fact Sheets

April 30, 2009:  Client response to finished handbook due to Dr. McCracken

Task 4: Refine project ideas
    1. Guide for the drip irrigation system used in the garden
    2. Fact sheets
    3. Tri-fold brochure for Green Florida
        a. benefits of community gardens
        b. contact information
        c. benefits of organic gardening

Task 5: Interview members of the garden
    1. Joe
        a. learned his expectations for the project
        b. his role in the garden as part of the grounds committee
        c. introduction to the drip irrigation system
        d. garden etiquette
    2. Tom
        a. gardening tips
        b. his expectations for the community garden
        c. garden etiquette
        d. local nurseries
    1. Conduct more interviews with other volunteers at the garden.

Task 6: Gather resources and information for project parts
        a. a Google Doc of internet resources was made and being revised as we move forward with the project
        b. Lowe's, Home Depot, Pinellas County Extension office, and local nurseries

In conclusion, we expect our writing project to result in a "brochure" and multiple fact sheets, which will all be located on the garden's website. These documents will be informative, organized, fun and easy to read (there are kids who are intersted in the garden!).  We look forward to your feedback and assistance as we continue to work on these documents.  Thank you for taking such an active role in facilitating our progress so far.

Amanda, Jaime and Drew


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