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Final Proposal

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To:         Dr. Conner


From:     Aldijana A.


Date:      March 23, 2009


Subject:  Final Project Proposal



For my final project, I would like to incorporate the MSN Week in Pictures website. My purpose of this paper will be a show and tell of the most interesting events happening on our planet, something for everyone. The subject of my paper will be “Are you aware of your surroundings?”


The paper would be completed with many astonishing pictures, with each picture having an explanation accompanied by researched facts. I will be describing my thoughts and feelings towards the picture before writing the factorial explanations that go with each of the images. The images will feature news, politics, beauty, to fun and unexpected everyday life and things.


The paper will not be the regular formatting of introduction, body and conclusion. Instead, it will be a picture followed by my rendering of the images, to facts and possibly a story if appropriate. The images are meant to draw attention to each of the writings and I will be choosing the images based on visual stimuli and its level of interest.


I believe that this has the potential to be a great paper, something out of the box, non-linear! I hope that you will find this project interesting and approve its start. It will be something that I haven’t ever attempted to do before, at least as a paper format, but I do believe that it could make for an interesting presentation.


Comments (1)

ShareRiff said

at 1:57 pm on Apr 3, 2009

Exciting! I like your plan. Go for it!

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