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DC vs Marvel Paper

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Comics? Do you read comics? Everyone knows what comics are and where you can find them today, but not everyone reads them. There are two main comic book companies, Marvel and DC. There are some key differences between the two companies also. They have been in a feud for many years. I will elaborate on that in a little bit. I would like to show you how comics came to be, what DC and Marvel have to offer, and why they are feuding. First, I am going to give you a quick history lesson on comics and where they started.

Some say comic book started in the late 19th century, in Great Britain, with the black and white tabloid called “Half Alley.” Others say it started in the early 20th century with Charles Schultz’ “Foxy Grandpa.” They were both short publications that were in black in white and involved some sort of cartoon drawings and storylines in them. These types of comics were examples and even inspiration to the comics we know today. The first comic books were Famous Comics, which were just copies of already released comic strips that were compiled and bounded together to create a book. Comics, as we know them today, with superheroes and villains in them, really began to take form in the 1930’s. Superman was one of the first superheroes brought into the comic world. He was created by two teenagers, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. They were discovered by Max C. Gaines who is one of the biggest names in comics today. He brought their comic to Dell Comics, now known as DC Universe. DC Universe’s name originated from their original comic book series Detective Comics. They took the first two initials and created their name. This is what started the real launch of comic books. The audience at first was generally young boys. Then soon after DC created Superman they needed another character to help with their sales. They then introduced Batman into the comic scene. I will elaborate on the heroes more later in this work. Soon after DC launched those two superheroes Timely Comics jumped into the race. Their first issue was Marvel Comics number one which introduced the Human Torch. Timely Comics soon after changed their name to Marvel Comics. Around this time is where the battle between the two comic companies really started.

Before I get into the battle there needs to be a little more background on each of the two companies. I will start with DC Universe. DC Universe like I said before was the first on the superhero scene. They introduced Superman which was something that people liked to read because he could fly and could dodge bullets. People also related to him because of his alter-ego, Clark Kent. Kent is just a news reporter at the local paper, and people related to that. Batman was also very popular because the public could also relate to him as well. His alter-ego, Bruce Wayne, saw his parents murdered in cold blood, and vowed to avenge their death by stopping the criminals from taking over his city, Gotham City. Unlike Superman, Batman doesn’t have any super powers, He is just a regular guy that wears a costume and has cool gadgets to stop the bad guys. This is another reason why people related to this comics and it became so popular. Other characters DC Universe offers that some people may know are: the Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and the Joker just to name a few. DC has been branded as the more real-life hardcore comics. They have also been known to have more of a mystery and detective side to them.

Marvel Comics jumped into the comic book scene a couple years after DC did. They were quick to jump on the bandwagon though. They started with their very first comic which introduced the Human Torch. Their three signature characters when they were Timely Comics were the Human Torch, Captain America, and Namor the Sub-Mariner. Marvel has been branded as the more kiddy type comic in some aspects, because some of its superheroes don’t have tragic stories behind them. For example, Spiderman was bit by a spider that gave him super powers, and the hulk was exposed to a blast of the test of a gamma bomb he invented. This in turn would change him into a big green monster when he became angry. A few other characters that Marvel has that some might know are: Wolverine, Storm, Deadpool, Thing, Daredevil, and Iron Man.

The two comics really flourished during the depression and during World War II. They were so popular because they helped to take the public’s mind off the war. They also had depicted all of the superheroes in either publication taking care of the war. They depicted Captain America punching Hitler on one of it covers. Also they depicted Superman taking Stalin and Hitler and dropping them in a remote desert. Comic books were being sent to soldiers in their care packages. They served as inspiration to the soldiers. Stan Lee, one of comics best know authors, served in the war. When he and some of the other authors went to war the comics were said to be “commercialized.” The publishers took them and made them something that the others didn’t want. They made them into marketing tools. They weren’t about the story for a little while. Once they got back then the authors really took over and really started getting into the real story telling that has made comics the thing that so many people enjoy today.

The battle between Marvel and DC really started when Marvel introduced Captain Marvel. DC said that Captain Marvel was too related to Superman, and sued Marvel Comics. This was a lawsuit that Lasted over twelve years. Marvel eventually stopped production for a while on the character and he would reappear later on in comics. Then became the battle between the characters for the two companies. It was all about which hero and or villain was better. DC was all about pushing Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman as their top comics for a while. At this time Marvel was pushing the Fantastic Four, Spiderman, and X-Men as their tops. The battle still exists today. There are comic book readers that will only read DC and there are some that will only read Marvel. There are conventions and tours all related just to comics. They give people the chance to come out of their shells and to be the super heroes that that want to be for those couple days. It gives them chance to really personify their favorite character. Marvel and DC have worked together on a comic called Marvel Comics vs. DC. It is a very good comic and is only a 4-issue limited series.

My personal opinion on the whole DC and Marvel battle or feud is somewhat liberal. I feel that both of the companies have unique characters to offer. I mean I grew up reading all kinds of comics not just DC or Marvel. I like a lot of the characters that each of them have to offer. I mean how could you not relate to some of them? Without comics we wouldn’t have half of the movies that we do today. Comic book adaptations to movies have been awesome. While there have been some very bad ones like Elektra and Daredevil, there have also been some good ones. One of my favorite Marvel on screen adaptations has to be X-Men, partly because I grew up reading the comic and watching the Saturday morning cartoon. They have portrayed almost all of the characters very well and my favorite one is Wolverine which they are releasing a new onscreen adaptation of him in the next couple months which looks amazing. Now to switch to the other side my favorite DC character is Batman, because I also read those comics as a kid. I think that there is just something about a man who likes to solve crime to avenge the death of his parents. Also, I like the fact that he is a human being and that he doesn’t have any special powers. He is just a very rich man who can afford expensive toys and gadgets and uses his money to better his city. The on screen adaptation of this was also very good. I liked them when Michael Keaton was Batman, they became somewhat off point when they switched the actor of Batman. I really like the newer films as well. I think that Christian Bale hits every point needed to play an awesome Batman. I would also like to say that Heath Ledger hit every characteristic needed to play the Joker, which is one of the best and smartest villains of all time in any comic book, in my opinion.

In conclusion, I think that comics have come a long way from their origin. I also think that the battle between DC and Marvel is something that should not be going on. They should collaborate more and put out more things together. I would also say if you haven’t gotten into comics you should give them a try and see if you like them. I know they are not for everyone but it doesn’t hurt to check them out and really see how artists and talented some of the artists and writers really are.




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