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David's Reviews

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Unit 1


Lydia Vinyl Vs. Digital


Here's Mine - Jillian & Kevin's

-I thought I commented on this paper but I can't find it. I give you an A. Using a two-person dialogue, and adding facts and explanations in between shows a great amount of creativity. It was easy to read and brought up a lot of really intersting questions. Why do people love to take on a different identity or life? People pay to have this, creating a character they feel they can control more than themselves. Maybe the tasks are easier, more black and white, you know what needs to be done. You know what tools you have at your disposal. Life is no where near as predictable. When people play any video game, especially RPGs, they look for fulfillment. If you wanted to expand this paper further, it would be interesting to read the reasons people are drawn to this type of interaction but fail to utilize it themselves.


kids and videogames - Sue's Argument

- This paper discusses a very heated topic throughout videogames as well as music, TV, and Videogames. I do not think any of these can cause a developed mind to turn into a sadistic or distorted one. I do believe that if someone is preconditioned to these thought patterns, these numerous mediums can reinforce those thoughts. If kids play these games a few minutes a day, I don't think any damaging reprocusions will result, as opposed to playing or watching violence every waking hour of the day. However, violent video games have only been in existence for a short amount of time, and to assume the will be no future consequences is a mistake. It is impossible to be absolutely certain whether the growing generation will be more desensitized, simply because of a lack of evidence. Either way you make a good point. Parents are the the sole caretakers, and ultimately, it's up to them to create or form the kind of rational and sensitive person they want want their child to be. You get an A. Fun read, flows nicely, no breaks in thought. Intersting argument and kept my attention.


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