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A Place In Time

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Who Am I?..


Now that is an interesting question indeed. The fact that I am desperately searching for an answer at this very moment more or less ensures the fact that the person in this container has not yet been defined. One of the major outcomes I have hoped and strived to achieve in my time as an undergrad is just that; to be able to summarize my being or persona clearly. Unfortunately this tedious process has not yet reached the level that one may have hoped to have obtained by this point. However to say it has progressed would be a correct way of putting it, in fact a much better situation awaits me everyday.


That being the case, providing a look in the right direction is not impossible. Many of the times a question such as this has presented itself, a proper reply has been prepared just for that particular instance. Getting as close to the truth or reality is the aim of said reply, therefore I will attempt to use that. Otherwise my other options are thought process failure or a blank page.



- My name is Dylan, a technical writing major at USFSP (junior). Generally speaking, my decision to make this my major was largely based on the fact that I would like to teach English in Japan after completing a bachelors degree. Obviously english is the forte that needs to be followed. Surrounding this a decent amount of enthusiasm which has been so for quite some time. As a person, I enjoy many types of music and strangely I moved away from playing such in order to actively tune imports. Saying that an undertaking of that sort was both a bad idea and very rewarding experience at the same time makes complete sense to someone like myself. Beyond that I enjoy many facets of Japanese culture being that I will be working and living there in the not so distant future. Some examples include: eating their foods, speaking some of the the language, tuning cars in their fashion, listening to j-music and constantly speaking with friends that reside there. In the end, these things more or less define me. Realizing that is indeed outside of the norm is fine by me, after all it is what I enjoy.


-Gaming culture has always been close to home, playing computer games and sega when I was still young and then at age 8 recieving my first playstation a few days after release. In subsequent years I have owned close to all popular systems that have come out and have had a great time in doing so. As time went on though my time actually playing games fell as music, cars and friends took over around the time of highschool. To this day games are still interesting to me, though to be honest the quality is nothing compared to what I considered them to be a few years back. Anything from FPS, TPS to RPG, pretty much played it all, although FPS was my favorite most likely due to my inherent need to move around and constantly do something new. Another point is the fact that from 2006-2008 I sold many video games and systems for Best Buy, this is no longer the case. Every once in a while though I will play the next gen consoles when the urge presents itself.



I suppose that is more or less all of for now. Updated later perhaps..


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