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2210 week 1

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Welcome to Technical Communication! Happy New Year!



1. Introductions: Name. Who are you? Where do you come from? Why did you choose USFSP? What’s something most people wouldn’t guess about you? Two truths and a lie.



email addresses


contacts—get the phone number and email address of two others in the class


my contact information: office, phone, email



2. Create blogs: blogger.com



Writing #1


Write a brief response to the following questions: What does the word technical mean? What does the word communication mean? What is technical communication? How does this concept and/or this class relate to your education and your life?



3. Introduce course






Discussion of books.



You’re going to work hard


We’re going to learn a lot



Hint: Stay up with your work and the class.


Preparation regarding workload, timeline, attentiveness, deadlines, requirements, readings, responses, posting electronically and/or bringing hard copies



Log into Blackboard


Syllabus Permission Form


Syllabus Response Assignment



igoogle account


gmail account through USFSP


Introduction to Google docs



Class Discussion:


1. Rhetorical Analysis of Technical Communications—begin introducing concepts of purpose, audience, design, etc. using Burger King CIW post card. (Coalition of Immokalee Workers)



2. What is technical communication? What types of documents could be categorized as technical communication?



Small Group Activities:


Non-profit organization research


Mt. Zion Human Services




1. Answer the following questions in a word document. Be sure to include a title, all of your group members’ names, and the date in the document.



What is this organization?


What do they do?


Who are their primary audiences?


What is their mission?


Financial budget?


Who are the people who work in this organization?


What do they do?


What are some organizations affiliated with Mt. Zion Human Services?


How do these organizations relate to Mt. Zion’s mission?


What types of projects could you imagine working on with/for this organization?



2. Prepare a memo in google docs directed to myself and your classmates outlining who/what this organization is and how you believe our class could contribute to their work.







Additional Announcements:

  • Annotations: For readings you are required to annotate. What does this mean? Underline important points, ask questions in margin, mark things you don’t understand, make observations. Have a conversation with the text. Then when we talk about it, you’ll have someplace to start. Periodically I will be looking at your annotations of articles. If you don’t annotate, you will miss a daily grade.
  • Tip: Read the assignment before the reading so you know what you’re reading for.





Homework for Monday, January 12 at the beginning of class:








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