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1984 Existence


-First Attempt at GIMP, harder than I thought, maybe I'll read the instructions




Second & Third Attempts

The earliest games I played were Mario Brothers, Tetris, and Lemmings. I played on Sega as a kid then gradually moved to N64, and eventually XBOX. I never liked Playstation, maybe because of the controllers. I don't play games anywhere near as much as I used to, I actually failed a class in Middle School because of N64. Now I read about and research political, economical, and health topics. I'm hoping to get a degree in philosophy, although that could change next semester (I've switched my major 5 times since enrolling at UT in 2005; communications, undeclared, anthropology, sociology, business, and now philosophy). People have told me I'm a pessimist, but I refer to it as being a realist and trying not to hold expectations. I have a black bombay (cat) named LOKI and a black and tan Long-hair chihuahua named MIKA. I have family all over the country but my closest (mom and sister) in Georgia (where I grew up). My father passed away July 4, 2006. I'm an insomniac. I love to cook, and hope to open my own Mexican restaraunt a few years from now. If there's a recipie, I can cook it, but most of my food is from my own experiments. I try to make as much as I can from scratch, cutting out the processed nature of most store bought foods. I don't have a favorite movie (Fear and Loathing comes pretty close though), book, or type of music (Sublime, SRH & KMK, Rise Against, Tech-9, 88 Fingers Louie, Pepper, Slightly Stoopid, LBDAS, 311, Sidereal Day; I don't visit these pages, I put them there in case you want to know who or what they are) - It all depends on my mood. I'm willing to discuss any topic with anyone as long as I have enough background information on it. I hate Fox News, Bill O Reilly, Michael Moore, Income Taxes (just about any tax for that matter), shopping, Wal-Mart, the AJC, and Hummers. My favorite writer is Hunter S. Thompson. Coors is my favorite beer, and I won't drink tequila, 151, or Jagermeister. Favorite Liquor: don't have one. My ultimate dream is to create the scariest halloween park anyone has ever been to and to write something that changes at least one person's life.



These are real.     ^^- Off my neighborhood dock.         ^^- Down at TI beach


In addition to video games, I will also talk about the games people, politicians, and the media play with us. If you do or do not agree I still encourage constructive criticism. I want the page to encourage critical thinking, -not random outbursts of anger or incoherent thoughts, although feel free to post 'em under comments-. Remember, don't shoot the messenger, try to keep away from fallacious argument, --and do not use propaganda. I may have the wrong conclusions and maybe your thoughts can correct this, but the entire goal for me is to promote critical thought, not hatred-.- You know, it's much harder to read your stuff while other people are reading it. I realized in class that this wasn't what I really wanted. I had to think about why I like to write, and why I like the way Thompson, and Orwell write. Then I noticed my cat shit on my tile floor, and realized life is nothing without complications or any expression of random angry/depressed/selfish/etc thoughts. So write about some of your most random/angry thoughts, whatever they may be, at Randomness and Anger. Our class is expository writing. If you can't express yourself the way you see fit, and are restricted by rules, that doesn't constitute freedom of expression. I took this class to improve my writing skills, but I wasn't sure in what way. I think right now it's given me an opportunity to not only read other people's writings and responses, but to hear from them and let them explain and be able to comment. I like the ideas of connecting video games and comics to whatever we can find. I like that even though my classmates didn't exactly know what to do, they experimented and put forth an effort. Not only this, but that we have an environment where we can just write without thinking of the rules.


I'm writing a book on control systems and I had to sign up for an expository writing course at USF. Today is Friday Jan 9 2:00AM and I felt I needed to post the national debt counter number today ----- 10,640,561,651,505.12 ------ You could not count to this number within your lifetime or your grandchild's lifetime. Keep in mind this is the national debt reported, it does not count the amount spent for secret services or the amount of inflation and interest the Federal (it has no liability to taxpayers so it's not federal) Reserve (The money it produces is not backed by any sort of tangible asset other than I.O.U.'s from taxpayers) has caused and expects. If you want to really know how this F.R. came about and why it is destroying our constitutional representative democracy read Ed Griffin's book, The Creature from Jekyll Island. For those of you who want to learn more about the more informed way of making an economic policy work read Economics in One Lesson.

Sad to say, it's a common misconception that most politicians are scumbags (with the exception of Ron Paul). Some of them are human insofar as they had a mother and a father, who want to help the public as they see fit. But here lies the potential danger. There exist so many different forms of understanding the world around us. There are people who still believe the world is flat, and that God is all knowing, all powerful, and can do nothing but good. Hopefully anyone who knows anything about the fallacies of an argument can understand none of these statements can be correct. There are those who also believe Satan tempts every human in one way or another, and that science is in fact the work of temptation/devil. but enough about religion for now. Many believe we will experience hell on Earth within a matter of years. The sun will burn out or explode; global warming will cause disasterous floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, and eruptions; gay marriage and abortions will undermine everything America stands for and cause massive revolutions; a democratic president will be the end of politics. What this really means when these messages are broadcast amongst a not-the-brightest-crayon-in-the-box nation, is that the nation is ruled by the Lucifer Principle and the science of FEAR (two great books highly recommended by this writer). Propaganda is everywhere and unless you understand it's effects and know when you're being sucked in it's impossible to resist it. These may just be the rantings of a libertarian who believes in the Golden Rule, the Constitution, and that learning and understanding are the true fruits of labor and happiness, but I see them as true and thats my reality.

Two quotes from the late and great Hunter S. Thompson, "We are turning into a nation of whimpering slaves to Fear -- fear of war, fear of poverty, fear of random terrorism, fear of getting down-sized or fired because of the plunging economy, fear of getting evicted for bad debts, or suddenly getting locked up in a military detention camp on vague charges of being a Terrorist sympathizer" and continue, "This blizzard of mind-warping war propaganda out of Washington is building up steam. Monday is Anthrax, Tuesday is Bankruptcy, Friday is Child-Rape, Thursday is Bomb-scares, etc., etc., etc.... If we believed all the brutal, frat-boy threats coming out of the White House, we would be dead before Sunday. It is pure and savage terrorism reminiscent of Nazi Germany."

In a nation that was once held in the highest esteem from intellectuals across the globe, I am embarassed to know the fear and confusion of my fellow brethren. We are a country built on prosperity, upheaval, and rejection of those who try to chain the human race to poverty, slavery, and fear. One more quote by Bakunin, "The freedom of all is essential to my freedom."


Free Culture

Our society is full of free ideas and writings. Just look at some of the free games, videos, blogs, and wikis available to anyone who has access to a computer. Ultimately, every idea is built on something else. Take music for example - Bluegrass, country, and jazz music helped create the many thousands of songs available today. Alternative, psychedelic, rock, heavy metal, acid/techno/house, rap, R&B, ska/reggae - these all exists because people took the music of their day and transformed it into how they saw fit, trying to improve it or make their own unique style. In writing, Sci-Fi is the newest genre, but even the main action is built on ideas from classical Greek through Shakespeare. TV, movies, radio, news- it all comes from somewhere. Usually it involves a character struggling against some outside force (government, family, economy, nature) or him/herself.

As for whether works should be copyrighted- well look at medicine. Taxpayer money goes into universities so the institution can carry out research. A common misconception is that the drug companies do the research, they rarely carry out preliminary research. The drug companies have access to the information- free to them, not to taxpayers- to form new types of medicine. They patent the new drug, have it somewhat tested, and make it available to the public for a price. After the patent runs out, the public then has a choice to buy generic drugs. The reason Universities carry out preliminary research, is the cost. So eventually, if you helped fund the research, and you bought the medicine, you end up paying twice.

Or look at University textbooks - Most of the ideas have been presented for the last 30 to 40 years, yet because the author contemporizes it and adds new examples, they are able to charge the students $50-$200 for a new book every semester. ENC 3310 is the only class I've ever had where the books didn't cost an arm and a leg. I need to ask, what's the ultimate goal of this- encouraging students to learn, or reaping benefits from special selection by University Board members? Well, that's not fair to say, there could be a great deal of reasons that I fail to recognize. Still, it makes me wonder what kind of environment this promotes. Overall I think the exchange of free ideas will continue to exist regardless of any copyright laws. It may be unethical to take another person's idea or work and change it, then make money on those changes or it may just be the nature of what Howard Bloom refers to as "memes" (ideas) of the human race.

Where and when do I write?

Well, anytime that I feel comfortable and have an idea worth writing about. My whole purpose of writing is to convey information that might help someone, in any way. Life's hard and writing gives me a way to realize what I think and how I act. Life is crazy, it's filled with unknowns, expectations, and disappointments. It's also filled with opportunity, hope, and excitement, at times. I write because I still don't understand a fraction of our life. I write in a hope that someone might read what I have known. I am interested in almost everything that I deal with in my life. I know I'm a philosopher, because I ask myself about the purposes, styles, and procedures of life. Many of them don't make sense to me, so I write. Like I said, life is crazy. We're born, and then what. We believe in things, we form relationships, we try to make sense of the patterns we learn, and we want the most happiness we can achieve. My dad always said, "Life is a game, there are rules, goals, players, and obstacles. Most important of all there is chaos. Make sure you keep all of it in perspective and never let the chaos take control of your rules, and goals. Laugh at your situation once in while. Life is a marathon, not a sprint." I write for him, and the insight he provided. So I play my game in the only way I know. I learn, I try to move to different levels of understanding. Writing for yourself is the best thing anyone can do. I strongly believe that people do everything for themselves, and I believe this is the only thing people do. Writing not only expresses your ideas, it also makes your arguments more concrete and secure. Writing makes you more secure, and provokes a more in-depth thought process. This is why I write.

David's McCloud Stuff

Transition: Noun

Dictionary definition: 1. a process or period in which something undergoes a change and passes from one state, stage, form, or activity to another.

2) Musical Passage or change of key.

3) Linking word or phrase.

4) Change: between chemical/physical phases or in atomic nucleus.

5) Style between Romanesque and Gothic Architecture.


My defintion: 1) The art people create in their minds and the possibilities they imagine when there is only an empty void.

2) In comics, or any medium: the ideas and pictures people make-up in empty space.


Fact Vs. Truth

In my International Organizations class the question/description of fact vs. truth came up. My teachers basic definition was that fact is something tangible and universal, and truth is the ambiguous and subjective thoughts based on facts. Like I've said, reality is what you believe it to be, so what separates fact from truth. If someone sees and feels the experience of a video game and its system plugged into the player's head, does that make it any less true? Do the gutters of comics have no life if thousands of people create images, sounds, or words in them? Reality is in the eye of the beholder.

Compare it to relationships. Facts exist, given you are with someone who you care about. Truths also exist, all the positive and negatives you can think of. This person could be the one, they could cheat on me, this person makes me happy, but at times they disappoint me or really piss me off. This person cares about the things that matter to me, but they care more about themself. My theory is, fact and truth are what you make of it. More than the theory of attraction, people believe what they create. It's crazy we spend so much time worrying about shit we can't control.

Late Night

Another day, another night, S.O.S.D.D. Its cool to see that other people appreciate music, writing, and expression. I couldn't find the article about branding, but I'll write about it anyways, as it refers to making money from making an exclusive niche or brands in general. Brands help people advertise who they are, or who they want to be. This could be good or bad. The more that people buy gucci, abercrombe, any recognizable/obvious brand whether it be cars or shoes, the more that same product will be promoted. The more popular it becomes, the more expensive it will get. So what you really pay for is image, not quality. I'm not above this, far from it, I own more SRH outfit than anyone I know, element, quicksilver, and mossimo. Its what I buy. We live in a branded society, but what's the opposite? A no-brand society means you get your clothes from the local tailor, your cars parts from the local dealer, your food from local farms, your books from the local bookstore. These places do deserve to co-exist if they are trustworthy and reliable. Don't get me wrong there are many chains that are untrustworthy, unreliable, and unethical (in the lack of the perfect example, insert your own fiasco; Tylenol, Goodyear, Subprime mortgage lenders, car corporations, electric companies, oil companies, I'm sure you have examples). PBwiki, facebook, myspace, google, sony, gateway, Ubisoft, D.C., sketchers, on and on. You can't escape it. It reminds me of the crap I was told in high school, "you could become a statistic". Well no shit, who isn't? Try not to be a statistic and you're a statistic of those who want to avoid be a statistic. My teachers were refering to smoking pot and drinking and sex without protection. Before destroying the idea of branding and copyrights, at least look at both sides, playing devil's advocate here. I don't know where I really stand, there's problems with both arguments for and against, brands and copyrights, and some of them make sense and some of them don't. ---Jan 15-08 David 3:00Am




What the fuck is the point of this game! Why create something like this?! After calming down from the frustration I realized games not only need to have rewards for participating, but they need to be coherent. Getting a simple reward for simple and confusing "non-sequitur" tasks makes for a shitty game, there has to be some extention or context. Tetris, Mario, and even Donkey Kong have a point to them no matter how stupid. But this fucking game is the worst next to "The Worst Game Ever", but the latter is a parody of games and has a few funny lines. It makes me think of the worst poet ever-- William McGonagall (look him up on google)-- They're like novelties and fads. I guess you could say the same thing about certain movies and shows. And maybe it pisses me off because I played it expecting something, and the main point of games is to entertain. It held my attention, and wasted a little bit of my life, but it caused me to write this. You know, there are probably people that enjoy these games, it's really all a matter of taste. If any one likes these games please try to prove me wrong. As for a frustrating but funny game check out My Little Bastard at Adult Swim's website. It's all about what entertains you!

Random Quotes & Questions

Only in American do we have drive up ATM's with braille lettering.

---Should be slef-explanatory, why would a blind person need to use a drive-up ATM?

Why is it that doctors call what they do "practice"?

---According to the Science of Fear, at least half of the patients who visit a doctor are turned away, because the doctor cannot diagnose the patient.

Why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called "rush-hour"?

Why do they sterilize needles before lethal injection?

---If the person is going to die anyway, what would it matter whether they caught some really nasty disease?

What is the point of cigarrettes which display, "light 100s" or "ultra-light 100's", it's still the same shit, it still kills you at about the same statistic. maybe it makes people think they're smoking a healthy "cancer stick". For that matter, what's with "non-alcoholic beer"? That's like listening to "Cristian Punk-rock" or a radio edit of the outdated Eminem. It's like saying because G.W.Bush spoke like a southern cowboy (even though he's supposedly dealthy afraid of cows) he was a great leader and helped the general population of America, regardless of the disasterous results of his decisions.

If the "Amero" (a future currency of the US) encompases Canada, the USA, and Mexico, why is it called the "Amero"?

--- It is a very fucked up veil which is pulled over our eyes, promoted as a purpose to establish economic stability in all three countries. It breaks down our own country's stability and sovereignty. We basically are taking over the other two countries currency and inflation, as if we didn't have enough shit on our own plate. but it's called the Amero. Why not a Canusaco, or United Canadian Peso, doesn't sound as nice. How about a Mexinadian Dollar, or the Loonie Mexican Buck, now it sounds like a type of wildlife. Let's go with USanexican. The name Euro makes sense, it is located in Europe. the Amero most likely refers to the Americas, and these three countries have been "declassified" from this term for a long time. Let's make a currency for Jamaica called the Caribo or the Centro, or one for South America called the Brazialian or South Amero. I guess my biggest problem arises from a central bank which controls interest rates for any country. We've had a controling investment bank, owned by private benefactors since 1913. Hell why not let them control the interest rate of 3 countries, why not 5o, or in the case of the IMF or World Bank above 150? We can be at the mercy of a handfull of investors interested in nothing except profit, and pay them interest for not giving a fuck about the common worker. This is why H.S. Thompson Commited suicide. The lack of control, the overwhelming perplexity of it all. We fought to be enslaved, and we love to believe we have freedom of expression. This is one thing that really gets me going, because it's disgraceful, not only to our fallen bretheren and those who fight today, but to ourselves and those we leave behind. When a small group of people control currency, they control the populace. Two quotes from Jefferson: "A private central bank issuing the public currency is a greater menace to the liberties of the people than a standing army","We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt." We have now a very strong central bank (THE FEDERAL RESERVE) and an unimaginable debt (10,848122,990,351). But let us steer our attention away from these pestering irritations, focus on celebrityism, the shit we can buy, price of gas, how many planes have crashed, who killed who, and what cool new movies are coming out, and all the illegal substances which harm our society in so many ways.

--Speaking of Illegal substances, I saw the most fucked up "documentary on "Marijuanna" the other night. First of all, the only people who call it marijuanna, either have not used ever, or are trying to cover up that at one time they did use. Pot, smoke, weed, a shit load of other names sound much better. I have been a avid user since the 8th grade. I have researched through literature and personal experience the effects and consequences. The biggest problem is that it is federally banned. The DEA classifies it as a hallucinogen- Anyone who has tried it will tell you pure weed will never make you hallucinate, if it does it is laced. It is less dangerous than poison ivy, why? Because no one has every died from it, it is physically impossible to overdose on pot. You would have to smoke at least half your body weight in 15 minutes in order to die, and you will either pass out or your lungs will give out before this could ever happen. I had to laugh when an international soccer player was almost banned because he smoked, they called it a performance enhancing drug. Steroids are performance enhancing, pot makes your apettite enhanced but not much else. If anything this guy deserves a medal for just being able to play. Studies done on the difference between drunk-drivers and high-drivers showed drunk-ds are more likely to crash or perform at a decreased level than they normally would. High-drivers, performed better. Why? They drive slower, pay more attention, and feel more vulnerable than a drunk-driver. Pot is non-habit forming, creates no hangover, decreases aggression, and creates the same sort of euphoric feeling as any other pain killer or anti-depressant. The worst consequence I've come across- it fucks up short-term memory. I've never read anything which conclusively shows any harm to second-hand smokers, and it has shown to actually improve; asthma, bronchitis, cataracts, and arthritis. It decreases the suffering of chemo and radiation patients, and stimulated appetite again without side-effects. It's just a fucking plant, that's it. It's a plant like the Willow (aspirin) or St. John's Wort (depression "cure"). You know why it's a gateway drug? Because people lie about it, and that makes youngsters conclude that if their parents lied about pot they lied about drinking and exstacy, and acid, and oxycotton. My parents used coke (as did Freud and the original manufactures of Cokacola) and my friends used pretty much everything I've mentioned plus some. I've done my share of crazy shit, and came out alive knowing, if it grows it the ground you're probably safe. To illustrate my point HS.Thompson's two quotes:"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me." and then "No man is so foolish but he may sometimes give another good counsel, and no man so wise that he may not easily err if he takes no other counsel than his own. He that is taught only by himself, has a fool for a master." Try before you criticize.

       What amazed me was the lack of critical thought. Ok, well, I wasn't surprised, more pissed off than anything. I wish I could remember the station, but they made a claim that when you grow pot, you destroy the environment. Yes when people are forced to use indoor heat lamps, temperature gauges, automated sprinklers, ph balancing chemicals, highly expensive soils, top of the line generators, and all other machinery when growing indoors. But what if these people had no fear of growing outdoors and could actually make a living by providing a "drug" to the community. Well, the pharmacy would shit itself, as well as the cloth, paper, fuel, and fertilizer industries. Maybe people wouldn't have to worry about raising family without breaking the law. Believe it or not, hemp can actually boost your immune system, check out hemp protein. Hemp as well as coke plants have been shown to improve soil conditions by adding to the fertilization process and preventing soil erosion. It's rediculous, the government and our officers' entire purpose is supposed to be "to protect and serve". But what exactly are they protecting? Obviously it isn't the users and abusers. They protect and serve the law, no matter how unreasonable. Take a lesson from prohibition. Weed has been around a very long time. It was documented in the list of medicinal treatments in China around 2700BC, over 4,000 years ago. To think an agency created 50 years ago could eradicate it completely insults the strength of a once great nation. Look at the rise in murder, illegal immigration, and arrests.

       As for the economic side, check out drugwarfacts.org, The amount of money spent on prisoners is incomprehensible. If pot was legal, it would benefit the economy in at least three ways. There would not be any where near the amount of incarcerations and prison expenditures. The federal and state and even county government(s) could tax it, increasing the amount of cash it could spend on other shit. It would also open a huge research and development industry, as well as increase the amount of independent head shops, grow organizations, and distribution centers. Hemp would perhaps have a higher popular appeal once tears away from the negative association it has now, creating new fiber markets for clothing, rope, food proteins, and paper. Not only this but the amount people have to spend to buy it would decrease. It's so expensive today simply because of the risk growers and dealers must take. Transportation, protection, and seizures jack up the price to at least 4 times and at most (highest I've seen) 10 times as much as the cost of production. It all depends on the amount you wish to buy. It's like if you go to a bar to buy a few drinks instead of buying the ingredients yourself, which will always cost you less in the long run.

       Overall I just feel no one should be abused, or cast out by society simply for a personal decision, that's what radicals do. As always, it comes down to a lot of bullshit propoganda. By the way, a recent study showed those kids who pleged to remain drug free- through D.A.R.E.- were more likely to try pot. A study in Amsterdam showed a substantial decrease in the use of every other drug including alcohol ever since pot has been legal to those 18 and over. NOW, what I want you, my reader to do, is ask yourself why this would be. Look up some statistics, and judge on a level playing field. Think of this as what it is, a plant, and ask yourself why it became illegal in the first place. Prohibition failed (yes a cliche) and so will this. The problem here is many people's lives have been DESTROYED due to these extreme and ignorant laws.


As luck would have it, I saw Braille lettering in the parking garage. Please somebody help me out with this one. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with those who are blind. Research shows they have a stronger sense of smell, touch, taste, and sound. But, I'm scared shitless to even think that there are blind drivers.


-- Feel free to comment on the stupidity of some of these. Post more if you can find or think of any.


Just need to write. Ignorance is bliss and knowledge is a sin, maybe. It's always nice to see someone follow advice and have it work out, but what happens when the person doesn't listen and fails. Is it our fault? Or is it a learning experience for them? Either way the purpose of advice can either be selfish or selfless. Selfish when we wish to prove a point or gain something from the decision. Selfless when we really care about the person we give advice to, and really wish they could avoid pain that we ourselves have experienced. The first dissipates as the advisor has nothing to gain when the advisee takes a different approach, but if we give a bad piece of advice and hurt someone in the process (selflessly) it stays a very long time. Humans may be the only species who actually look back and remember mistakes and suffer (sometimes) because of them, or the mistake is rationalized. Whether it's staying by someone's side who is about to leave our view of the world, or asking a loved one to stay, or simply telling someone the truth, we make our own twisted version of what will happen if we make a choice, "good" or "bad". But we live with the big choices and the outcome, and we can look back and say, "I did the best I could", "I did the right thing", "I could've done more". But ultimately we seem to ask, "what if I had made a different choice?" I honestly hope there is a plan and someone is guiding the things we do, because if we make a wrong decision, it won't really be us deciding. However much I hope I can never bring myself to believe someone/something else decided for me. Anyone who's a fan of Scrubs should know the argument of whether or not everything happens for the good. Anyone who's taken theology or philosophy may have run into the problem of evil. Religion aside, I can't figure out why people eventually torture themselves in a big or small way. You can't redecide, or tell someone a different piece of advice, or for that matter force somebody to take the advice. Yet we are human, and we always wish at least once in our lives to change the way things have turned out, regardless of how comfortable our lives have been. Even those who torture others purposely (I believe) eventually realize how they could've been a better person. Why? because in my half-washed mind I think the only thing we have as humans is empathy (and dogs/cats if they have a 6th sense). We're shooting right down the drain, and if I can't stop it, the only thing I can really do that is worth enacting upon is being a decent person. If you know you'll regret saying something, why say it? What is it that nice guys finish last at? Job positions, sex, family? I've met so many assholes in life that I think the only reason decent people finish "last" is because there are so many assholes out there. It's like if Fox News bought every station in the world and sold the same message on every station, with one or two independent broadcasters pleading with the public to realize the truth. What does it really take to understand someone else's ideas or opinions? As always, comment as you like it.

Ah the old Wiki, where anyone with half a mind can write anything and people might actually read it. In between Idiocracy and Episode IV a new movie by M. Moore presented itself and destroyed, obliterated, my very low respect for this disgusting fascist. We do inevitably need those who are willing to expose the mistakes and evils of the authorities who command respect, but it is unbelievably sad that this fat pig is the one to carry foward. Moore is the type of person who would turn his friends in for a little airtime. That being said, read instead of watch. This is a very uncomplicated topic. Our government does not give a shit about the common man, get over it. We have rules that were set up in order to prevent assholes from fucking the general public. The rules haven't disappeared, but our passion for making sure the beauracracy follows them has. You like Bill Reilly? Fine. Just know he makes money from the green shit he spouts from his mouth, and don't vote. The majority voted for change and look at what happens, nothing was specified. We certainly have change, the kind of bittersweet wishes which exist in the Twilight Zone. If you wish for luck in a poker game, make sure you place the word 'good' before luck. It makes sense why people voted for change, look at the last retarded, zealous addict we had as president. Trivia: What is the purpose of the federal government?


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